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Outdoor Pedestal Mailboxes for Any Multi-Tenant Residence

Cluster Mailboxes Offer Security and Weather Protection

Our outdoor mailboxes are a convenient option for apartment tenants, hotel guests, even military base residents to pick up their mail. Whether you are an apartment manager seeking a decorative cluster box unit for your property or a small business owner looking for a private use Letter Locker mailbox, shop U.S. Mail Supply’s selection of pedestal mailboxes.

Constructed of powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum, the cluster box units are weatherproof and resist rust, scratches, and vandalism. The loading doors of our Vital F-Series cluster box units were designed to prevent prying and provide maximum security against theft.

Watch the video below on Pedestal Outdoor Mailboxes for more information:

Delivery and Collection Boxes for Virtually Any Commercial or Residential Use

Outdoor Pedestal Mounted Mailbox Options

Apartment buildings and other multi-tenant housing facilities need secure mailboxes to ensure the safety of their residents’ mail and personal information. Our durable outdoor pedestal style mailboxes are USPS approved and come in a range of sizes and configurations. Our decorative outdoor mailboxes and accessories, including a pillar pedestal cover and crown molding roof cap, add a stylish, attractive touch to any apartment complex or multi-resident living facility.

Private use 4C mailboxes and private use delivery and collection units, for internal mail only, are ideal for dormitories, military bases, and hotels. Our high security cluster mailboxes exceed USPS safety standards for residences and businesses that require extra mail security.

U.S. Mail Supply Provides Secure Mailboxes for Your Peace of Mind

Our outdoor pedestal mailboxes come in a variety of shapes and styles to meet your needs. Their durability and superior security provide safety and peace of mind. Your bills, packages, and other mail containing personal information will be protected from theft, vandalism, and weather damage. Sturdy construction ensures these outdoor mailboxes will last for many years without rusting or getting scratched, preventing the need for costly repair, repainting, or replacement.

Easy Access USPS Approved Outdoor Mailboxes

U.S. Mail Supply’s outdoor mailboxes are ideal for applications on a variety of properties. Conveniently located with easy access for tenants and postal workers, our secure pedestal cluster mailboxes are also easy to install.

Watch the video below for installation directions:

Tenants can get their mail in a secure location and forget about making long trips to the mailing center. Cluster boxes are built to last, and can be utilized by a diverse number of property owners. Pedestal cluster mailboxes are ideal mailing solutions for:

Cluster Mailboxes for Indoor and Outdoor UseCollege housing: While indoor horizontal mailboxes are the best option for large college dormitories, outdoor mailboxes are a more ideal solution for larger housing units where there is no common mailing area. Students still have safe access to their mail by installing units in a secure outdoor common area. Cluster mailboxes also reduce strain on university mailing services, cutting down on the number of items being sorted and making delivery easy. Plus, their high strength construction is built to last, resisting scratches and vandalism.

Apartments: If you own or manager an apartment building, safety, convenience, and cost are the focus of your mailbox search. US Mail Supply has USPS approved apartment mailboxes meeting your needs. Perfect for multi-building apartment complexes, outdoor pedestal mailboxes provide tenants with a centralized, secure location for their mail. Our modules also free up space when building new developments or redesigning lobbies. Available in a variety of sizes, high security cluster mailboxes protect tenant packages indoors.

Military bases: High security cluster mailboxes from U.S. Mail Supply provide military bases with a convenient mail distribution system. Easily accessed by your mail carriers and residents, our outdoor mailbox solutions are perfect when incorporated in tight-knit neighborhoods with duplexes, apartment style living, and centralized office buildings or facilities receiving mail regularly. We also have cellphone lockers for your facilities with small item storage needs.

Business parks and complexes: If you are a commercial property owner looking for a highly quality indoor cluster mailbox solution, you’re in the right place. You’ll benefit when installing cluster mailboxes providing tenants with easy, secure access to their packages. If your commercial property is larger and houses multiple buildings and facilities occupied by businesses, our outdoor pedestal mailboxes may be a better option for your needs. Designed to resist vandalism, inclement weather, and more, the entire business park can utilize centralized, multi-tenant mailboxes to maximize mailing efficiency.

Contact our knowledgeable mailroom supply staff with questions or for help deciding which mailbox style will best suit your needs.
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