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US Mail Supply offers a variety of mailboxes and supplies including site amenities. Promote responsible dog ownership on your public property with pet waste disposal systems, signs, and bags. You want to keep your dog-friendly areas clean and desirable for all visitors. Each pet station can be equipped with trash receptacles, bag dispensers, liners, bags, and signs for optimal pet cleanup. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.



DOGIPOT™ Pet Waste Disposal Systems from US Mail Supply

Introducing DOGIPOT™: The ultimate solution to keeping your outdoor spaces clean and pet-friendly. Are you tired of seeing dog waste litter in your beautiful outdoor areas? Have you wondered how to maintain clean, pet-friendly spaces that encourage responsible pet ownership? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce DOGIPOT™ pet waste stations—an all-in-one solution for your pet waste management needs.

A Practical and Economical Pet Waste Station Concept

DOGIPOT™ takes a pragmatic approach to solve the issue of dog waste. Our waste stations are designed to enable pet owners to take responsibility for cleaning up after their dogs, ensuring outdoor areas are more enjoyable for everyone. This is a win-win situation for pet owners, non-pet owners, and property managers alike.

The Components of a DOGIPOT™ Pet Waste Station

Every DOGIPOT™ pet waste station comes with:

  • Clearly Stated Instructions: These are posted on top of each bag dispenser to keep the system self-explanatory.
  • Litter Bags: Easily accessible and ready to grab.
  • Waste Can: Conveniently located for quick and easy waste disposal.

How DOGIPOT™ Pet Waste Station's Work

The user experience is seamless:

  1. Pet owners can grab a litter bag on their way into the outdoor area.
  2. After their dog has done its business, they can use the bag to pick up the waste.
  3. On their way out, they can deposit the filled bag in the waste can.
  4. Maintenance staff can quickly empty the whole waste can with the regular trash pick-up service.

Why DOGIPOT™ Is the Right Choice

There are compelling reasons to opt for DOGIPOT™:

  1. Responsibility: It's the responsible thing for pet owners to do.
  2. Legality: In most areas, picking up after your pet is the law.
  3. Health: Unpicked waste can transmit diseases to children and other pets.

Customize Your Pet Waste Station Solution

We offer several different sizes and configurations, allowing you to tailor a pet waste solution to meet your specific needs. Whether you manage public parks, private communities, apartment and condo complexes, or even campgrounds and RV parks, there is a DOGIPOT™ solution for you.

Increasing Demand for Pet-Friendly Areas

The desire for pet-friendly accommodations is on the rise. People increasingly consider their pets to be part of the family and want to take them everywhere—be it apartments, hotels, or even workout spaces. Forward-thinking, pet-friendly property managers and hotel owners are already benefiting financially and garnering appreciation from both pet and non-pet owners.

Pet Waste Station Accessories and Additional Supplies

In addition to the primary waste station components, we offer:

  • A wide variety of accessories
  • Trash liner bags
  • Litter pick-up bags
  • Replacement parts and other not-shown accessories

Shipping Information Good news! Most of our products are available for next-business-day shipping.

DOGIPOT™ is committed to keeping your outdoor spaces free from the harmful, unsightly, and smelly nuisance of dog pollution. So why wait? Install a DOGIPOT™ pet waste station and make your community a cleaner, happier place for everyone. Feel free to contact us for more details!

Pet Waste Disposal System FAQsShop DOGIPOT products for sale from U.S. Mail Supply

What Are the Best Practices for Using a Pet Waste Disposal System?

Answer: To use a pet waste disposal system effectively, always use a litter bag for picking up dog waste and dispose of it promptly in a waste system or trash can. Avoid flushing the waste down toilets or drains. Maintain the cleanliness of the waste disposal system and inspect it regularly for signs of damage or wear.

How Can I Help Prevent the Spread of Diseases Through Pet Waste?

Answer: To minimize the risk of spreading diseases through pet waste, it's crucial to pick up your dog's waste immediately and dispose of it in a designated waste system or trash receptacle. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling pet waste, and keep your pet vaccinated against common diseases.

What Are the Environmental Impacts of Pet Waste?

Answer: Pet waste can significantly impact the environment by contaminating waterways, soil, and air. It can contribute to water and soil pollution, as well as release harmful gases that contribute to climate change. Pet waste can also attract disease-carrying flies and insects.

What Are the Benefits of Composting Pet Waste?

Answer: Composting pet waste can be an effective way to mitigate its environmental impact. Properly composted pet waste can be used to fertilize plants and improve soil health, while also reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

Pet Waste Disposal for Every Business

Our DOGIPOT™ Pet Waste Disposal Systems for sale integrate seamlessly into various environments. Businesses that value clear landscapes and clean human and pet environments will appreciate these disposal systems' convenience and cleanliness.

Pet Waste Disposals are ideal for a variety of residential and commercial buildings such as:Purchase DOGIPOT Pet Waste Disposal Systems For Sale


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