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All DOGIPOT™ Pet Waste Disposal Systems

Promote responsible dog ownership on your public property with pet waste disposal systems, signs and bags. You want to keep your dog friendly areas clean and desirable for all visitors. Each pet station can be equipt with trash receptacles, bag dispensers, liners, bags and signs for optimal pet clean up. 

DOGIPOT™ Pet Waste Disposal Systems from US Mail Supply

  • We are proud to introduce DOGIPOTTM pet waste stations! Providing everything you need to encourage pet owners to pick up after their dogs.
  • Included are clearly stated instructions, litter bags and waste can - all beautifully and ingeniously displayed in one location. Place these DOGIPOTTM pet waste stations in your common outdoor areas.
  • Pet owners grab a litter bag on their way in, and deposit the filled bag in the waste can on their way out. Maintenance staff easily empties the full waste can with the regular trash pick-up.
  • DOGIPOTTM supplies the most economical and practical concept to let pet owners, not maintenance staff, assume the responsibility for dog pollution. Here's why: 1) Because it's the responsible thing to do; 2) Because it's the law in most areas, and; 3) Because unpicked dog “dirt” can transmit disease to children and other pets
  • Place DOGIPOTTM Containers, Pet Stations, or Junior Bag Dispensers in your communities at locations which will receive maximum usage.
  • Instructions on how to use DOGIPOTTM are posted on top of each Bag Dispenser to keep the system self explanatory.
  • Several different sizes and configurations are available, allowing you to customize a pet waste solution to meet your specific needs
  • The demand for pet friendly areas apartments, hotel rooms, and exercise areas is on the rise due to the increasing desire of people to include dogs and cats as valued family members and traveling companions. Forward thinking, pet friendly property managers and hotel owners are making more money and feeling appreciated by pet owners and non-pet owners alike.
  • DOGIPOT’sTM variety of products will definitely help keep your public parks, private communities, apartment and condo complexes, campgrounds, RV parks, hotel yards, dog walk areas, marina common areas, and everywhere dogs go, free from the harmful, unsightly and smelly nuisance of dog pollution.
  • We also carry a wide variety of accessories, trash liner bags and litter pick-up bags – See below
  • Ask us about replacement parts and other accessories not shown
  • Most products are able to ship the next business day
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