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12 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

Product Number: F181570-12
What you need to know before you buy.

12 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

Product Number: F181570-12
What you need to know before you buy.

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Before You Buy:

  • USPS Approved – Check with local Postmaster regarding placement
  • No modifications are allowed to the USPS design
  • Pedestal mount only – cannot be wall mounted
  • F-Series Cluster Box Units are sold with the pedestal, and cannot be sold without it
  • Front-loading – Delivery person distributes the mail from the front











Additional Resources:

Standard configuration details & dimensions
Number of Tenant Doors  12
Actual Unit Size
Height 62.00"
Width 30.50"
Depth 18.00"

12 Tenant Cluster Mailbox Units for Residential or Commercial Delivery

F-series 12 tenant

This USPS Approved 12 Tenant cluster mailbox measures 62” high, 28.5” wide, and 17.5” deep, making it an economically sized unit for residential or commercial mail delivery. The F-Series cluster mailbox is welded with stainless steel reinforced corners, strengthening it against outdoor elements. This 12 tenant cluster box is designed with interlocking overlapped seams, solid aluminum slot frames, and 360-degree wrap-around hinges to reduce prying.  Standard compartments measure at a height of 3” and a width of 12 7/8”, allowing enough space for standard mail delivery. A weather-resistant, scratch-resistant powder coat finish ensures this cluster mailbox unit will withstand wear and tear common to outdoor units. The parcel compartment measures at a height of 10” allowing for delivery of a wide variety of package sizes.

For a wide variety of F-series cluster mailboxes and outdoor pedestal cluster mailboxes, order from US Mail Supply.

12 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit Features:

  • 12 Standard Compartments
  • 1 Standard Parcel Compartment - Height 10"
  • Standard Compartment size - Height 3" x Width 12 7/8"
  • Available colors are Standard Sandstone, Black, Dark Bronze, Postal Gray, Forest Green or White.
  • Click here to see a detailed line drawing of this product

12 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

With an easy 2-person installation, you can have your 12-tenant cluster box unit in place in no time. Whether you need a quality commercial or residential bulk mailbox solution, this outdoor mailbox offers the best in security. With overlapping seams and heavy-duty latches to prevent prying, you are sure to have secure mail.

Whether you’ve lived through New York’s winters or Texas’ summers, our cluster mailbox unit is an unbeatable 4-season product. With these CBU outdoor mailboxes from U.S. Mail Supply, you’ll feel secure your mail is untouchable, not only from people but Mother Nature as well.

Other than being a quality investment, our cluster box units are also stylish. With 6 different colors to choose from and both a classic and traditional design available, your cluster box won’t be a bulking mass, but an accessory to the building you’re setting it next to.

Our skilled customer service experts at U.S. Mail will guide you before, during, and after your purchase to ensure you are satisfied with our service and product. If you have any worries, put them aside. An impressive 5-year warranty by Florence Manufacturing frames our 12 tenant door cluster box, so you’ll have a quality product for years to come.

Are Single Mailboxes Worth It?

After generations of tradition, it can be hard considering the switch to a larger alternative. What are the benefits of a cluster mailbox? Isn’t my mailbox just as effective? When it comes down to facts, your mailbox may not be everything you once thought it was. Cluster box units are perfect mailbox alternatives.

Mail carriers love cluster mailboxes because they help to keep them safe from neighborhood animals. This is because the units are mounted far from the fences of homeowner’s pets.
In a community cluster unit, only one mailbox needs to be cared for or replaced over time. You could save money in the long run with a residential cluster mailbox in your apartment complex or neighborhood.

Your current single mailbox is not waterproof. Mail can be ruined by heavy rain while you’re away from home. With moisture locked your single mailbox with your mail, bills can be damaged, correspondence ruined and bank statements soaked—wouldn’t you prefer a waterproof cluster mailbox for a worry-free workday?

Insects LOVE your mailbox. Have you ever had that day when you went to get your mail and a family of earwigs started crawling towards you? Ever had a spider bite when you put your hand into your single mailbox? With a durable build and heavy construction, cluster mailboxes help keep bugs out.

Not What You Wanted? Indoor Mailbox Solutions are also available through The U.S. Mail Supply! We offer replacement and private indoor mailbox solutions for all locations, including commercial buildings, institutions, and universities. Horizontal, vertical, or custom mailboxes – we’ve got them!

Make sure to choose the RIGHT mailbox.

Don't worry, we can help you figure out what's best and most cost efficient for your space. A representative at U.S. Mail Supply will help you figure out what is required for USPS or private delivery, the number of units you need and any information required for installation.