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All 4C Horizontal Depot Mailboxes

4C depot mailboxes are a free-standing option for secure mail delivery. Make sure they are USPS approved before purchasing. These mailboxes can be installed indoors or outdoors as long as they follow USPS regulations. Every 4C mailbox is painted with a powdercoat finish to make them corrosion and weather resistant. 

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Shop all 4C mailboxes for sale online from U.S. Mail Supply.

US Mail Supply Has Quality 4C Indoor Mailboxes at Affordable Prices

US Mail Supply provides high-quality indoor depot mailboxes at affordable prices. 4C horizontal mailboxes are perfect for facilities and communities where the USPS delivers to a single, centralized location. A master commercial lock grants facility managers simultaneous access to all compartments for easy mail distribution.

4C Horizontal Indoor Mailboxes from US Mail Supply can be customized to meet the needs of buildings, including:

  • Colleges
  • Dormitories
  • Hotels
  • Financial Institutions
  • K-12 Schools
  • Military Bases
  • Private Medical Facilities
  • And more
Make sure to choose the RIGHT mailbox.

Don't worry, we can help you figure out what's best and most cost efficient for your space. A representative at U.S. Mail Supply will help you figure out what is required for USPS or private delivery, the number of units you need and any information required for installation.