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13 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

Product Number: F181570-13
What you need to know before you buy.
Florence vital™ 13 Door USPS Approved Cluster Box with Pedestal 1570-13 Parcel Delivery Box: 13 Door Outdoor Cluster Mailbox 1570-13 Anti-fish Security Comb: Outdoor Pedestal Cluster Mailbox 1570-13

13 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

Product Number: F181570-13
What you need to know before you buy.

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Before You Buy:

  • USPS Approved – Check with local Postmaster regarding placement
  • No modifications are allowed to the USPS design
  • Pedestal mount only – cannot be wall mounted
  • F-Series Cluster Box Units are sold with the pedestal, and cannot be sold without it
  • Front-loading – Delivery person distributes the mail from the front












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Standard configuration details & dimensions
Weight 166 lbs
Mailbox compartments 13
Parcel lockers 1
Actual Unit Size
Height 62.00"
Width 30.50"
Depth 18.00"
Standard Compartment Size
Height 5.00"
Width 12.88"
Depth 18.00"

13 Tenant Door Cluster Mailboxes Come in a Variety of Colors

USPS F-series 13 tenant

Designed to meet USPS standards, this 13 tenant cluster mailbox unit is welded with stainless steel and aircraft aluminum. The weather-resistant, scratch-resistant powder coat finish comes in several colors, allowing this cluster mailbox unit to match any residential or commercial environment.  Our line of decorative cluster box unit accessories allows you to customize your 13 tenant door mailbox for an aesthetically pleasing match. 360-degree wrap-around hinges and reinforced corners on compartment doors prevent tampering with adjacent customer compartments. The addition of a 10” high parcel compartment ensures space for small to medium size deliveries. Standard tenant compartment size is a height of 5” and a width of 12 7/8”, perfect for standard mail delivery. This cluster mailbox unit includes a pedestal ideal for the installation of outdoor units.

Order a variety of cost-efficient F-series cluster mailboxes or other outdoor pedestal mailboxes from US Mail Supply.

13 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit Features:

  • 13 Standard Compartments
  • 1 Standard Parcel Compartment - Height 10"
  • Standard Compartment size - Height 5" x Width 12 7/8"
  • Available colors are Standard Sandstone, Black, Dark Bronze, Postal Gray, Forest Green, or White.
  • Check out a detailed line drawing of this product

13 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

If the 8 Tenant Door Cluster Box is too small, but the 16 Tenant box is too big, U.S. Mail has the 13-door CBU for you! This door cluster box unit is perfect for any of your commercial or residential mail delivery needs and is equipped with a 5-star review and a 5-year warranty by Florence Manufacturing.  Just like the other 5 pre-configured models, this mailbox has anti-theft and damage protection with heavy-duty blocks and overlapping seams. These high-security cluster box units are constructed with precision measurements and reinforced corners.

Our cluster box is a Mother Nature fighting machine! With a moisture-protection drip edge and heavy-duty latches, our CBU’s are able to withstand the rains of Oregon and the snow of Wisconsin—wind and rain cannot touch your mail.

Installing Your Cluster Mail Box

Our 13 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit installation can be completed in 24 hours and requires two people:

  1. First, find the location you want your cluster mail box to be. Pour a concrete pad that meets Florence specifications and USPS specifications.
  2. When you open up the carton for the pedestal you will have a gasket and a template also. Locate the center of the pad you pulled and put the mounting template down. You’re now ready to start drilling your holes.
  3. Drill-down directly into the pad 4 ½ inches with a ½ inch drill bit.
  4. Clean the surface of the pad. Clear any rocks and debris.
  5. Place the gasket down to create a barrier between the cement of the pad and the pedestal of your cluster box unit.
  6. Place the pedestal on top of the gasket. If it isn’t level, add washers to the appropriate sides under the pedestal until you find the correct balance.
  7. Once level, take your 4 ¼ inch long by ½ inch wide widget anchors and place them into the holes. Torque the bolts down until they’re tight or use an impact gun.
  8. Double-check that your pedestal is level!
  9. Check out your cluster mail box. Make sure there is no damage and that everything is how you ordered it. If you notice something’s wrong, contact us at 262-782-6510.
  10. If your unit is ready to be installed, mount the cabin to the pedestal. While one person fastens it to the pedestal, have the other person hold the cabin in place.
  11. Slide-out the two excess plates. Install the washer and nuts.
  12. With a 9 1/16 ratchet, tighten the nuts and washers.
  13. Put the excess plates back on to cover what you’ve just tightened down.

For more information on Cluster Box information, check out these instructions on cluster mail box installation, paired with helpful images.


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