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Commercial Building Mailboxes For Sale - USPS Approved & Private Use

Welcome to U.S. Mail Supply - your trusted provider of commercial mailboxes. We offer a vast selection suitable for any commercial building, from apartments and businesses to colleges and healthcare facilities. Our high-quality indoor and outdoor mailboxes are sourced from top mailbox manufacturers. Our curated selection includes everything from wall-mounted models to cluster box units. These commercial mailboxes meet USPS standards or can be used for private use. Browse our collection and find the perfect mailbox solution to enhance the efficiency and security of your operations today.

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Types of Mailboxes For Commercial Applications

In our selection of commercial mailboxes for different building applications, you'll find both indoor and outdoor mailboxes, including cluster box units, pedestal-mounted options, wall-mounted models, as well as USPS approve 4C and 4B+ replacement mailboxes. All our products are sourced from industry-leading manufacturers who prioritize quality and reliability. Whether you require USPS-approved mailboxes or private-use units, we've got you covered.

Browse through our wide-ranging collection, aptly suited for buildings such as apartments, condos, colleges and universities, businesses, military and government establishments, healthcare facilities, and community centers. We’re committed to making your search for the perfect mailbox as seamless as possible. U.S. Mail Supply - your one-stop shop for all your commercial mailbox needs.


Mailboxes for Apartments

Our selection of apartment mailboxes caters to a wide range of apartment buildings, from low-rise and high-rise buildings to garden apartments and luxury apartment complexes. 4C horizontal mailboxes are perfect for indoor settings like elevator apartments and loft spaces and are designed for efficiency. These are often recess-mounted and include parcel compartments.

If you require outdoor mailbox solutions, we provide durable, weather-resistant options such as pedestal-mounted mailboxes and Cluster Box Units (CBUs) that are fitting for garden apartments and townhouse communities.

Our selection also includes wall-mounted mailboxes that are ideally suited for indoor areas in studio or service apartments. If your complex was established pre-2006, we cater to your specific needs with 4B+ compliant mailboxes. Our collection features secure parcel lockers to meet the growing need for secure package storage in busy buildings like luxury apartments.

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Mailboxes for Condos

Understanding the diverse needs of various types of condominiums, from high-rise and luxury condos to garden and townhouse condominiums, U.S. Mail Supply provides a variety of mailbox solutions tailored to fit your specific needs.

For indoor settings in mid-rise or high-rise condos, our wall-mounted units offer a compact and secure solution. If your complex needs to handle larger mail volumes such as in luxury or mixed-use condos, our 4C horizontal mailboxes provide versatility and efficiency. For outdoor needs, typical in garden or townhouse condominiums, our weather-resistant Cluster Box Units (CBUs) are an ideal fit.

Given the surge in e-commerce, secure parcel lockers have become a must-have in all condo types. For condos with unique HOA rules, we also offer a selection of private-use mailboxes.

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Mailboxes for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities consist of various buildings like dormitories, academic structures, and student unions, each needing unique mail solutions. Our 4C horizontal mailboxes, perfect for high-volume mail locations like dorms and admin buildings, can be recess-mounted and feature secure parcel compartments.

For outdoor areas in academic or union buildings, we recommend our weather-resistant pedestal-mounted mailboxes or Cluster Box Units (CBUs), offering centralized collection. Considering the e-commerce surge among students across campus, our secure parcel lockers, either standalone or integrated with 4C mailboxes, ensure safe package storage.

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Mailboxes for Multi-Office Business Buildings

Business parks and multi-office buildings typically include a variety of structures like standalone office buildings, multi-tenant office complexes, coworking spaces, and mixed-use buildings. For such diverse environments, U.S. Mail Supply offers tailored mailbox solutions.

Our 4C horizontal mailboxes, ideal for multi-tenant offices or coworking spaces with high mail volumes, can be recess-mounted and often feature multiple parcel compartments. These units balance security with ease of access, essential for buildings housing multiple businesses.

For outdoor spaces in standalone or mixed-use buildings, we provide weather-resistant pedestal-mounted mailboxes or Cluster Box Units (CBUs). These sturdy units cater to multiple users, maintaining organization and security.

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Mailboxes for Military & Government

Different types of military and government buildings like administration buildings, barracks, courthouses, and multi-use government complexes each have unique mail delivery needs.

For indoor areas such as administration buildings and courthouses, compact and secure wall-mounted mailboxes are ideal. For locations with larger mail volumes like barracks and multi-use complexes, we recommend our versatile 4C horizontal mailboxes. These can be recess-mounted and feature parcel compartments.

Our resilient pedestal-mounted mailboxes or CBUs are perfect for outdoor mail collection needs typical in military and government buildings. With the increasing need for secure package storage, parcel lockers have become an essential addition.

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Mailboxes for Healthcare

Healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and outpatient centers have unique mail needs. Our 4C horizontal mailboxes, which can be recess-mounted and feature parcel compartments, offer a secure solution for high-volume mail areas like hospitals or nursing homes.

For outdoor collection at larger complexes such as outpatient centers, we provide resilient pedestal-mounted mailboxes or CBUs, ensuring organized mail storage. Given the importance of secure package delivery in healthcare, parcel lockers are essential.

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Mailboxes for Communities

Various types of community buildings such as clubhouses, community centers, residential associations, social service buildings, and recreational facilities have specific mailbox needs.

Wall-mounted mailboxes are excellent for indoor areas in buildings like clubhouses or community centers. They offer secure, space-saving storage with easy access for members.

Our 4C horizontal mailboxes, which can be recess-mounted and feature parcel compartments, are ideal for larger mail volumes typical in residential associations or social service buildings.

For outdoor areas in larger communities or recreational facilities, we provide resilient pedestal-mounted mailboxes or CBUs. Given the rise in package deliveries, parcel lockers are a must-have, ensuring secure storage in all community settings.

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