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All 1400 Series 4B+ Front Loading Horizontal Mailboxes

Shop 1400 Series 4B+ Front Loading Mailboxes

The 1400 series 4B+ mailboxes are front-loading horizontal mailboxes perfect for multi-unit buildings. Your tenants' mail will be keep safe and secure in these heavy-gauge aluminum mailboxes customizable to your unique needs.

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Certified Replacement 4B+ Mailboxes

USPS Approved Replacement 4B+ Horizontal Mailboxes

Florence 1400 series 4B+ horizontal mailboxes are USPS approved for replacement purposes only. For fully USPS approved horizontal mailboxes straight out of the box, shop our 4C USPS approved horizontal mailboxes.

4B+ horizontal mailbox features:

  • The 1400 Series Horizontal mailboxes are USPS 4B+ Compliant and are available prepped to accept the USPS Arrow lock, or for private mail delivery (upcharge applies).
  • 1400 Series Horizontal mailboxes are USPS Approved for replacement purposes only – Check with your local Postmaster prior to ordering! Check out the new USPS Approved Versatile™ Series 4C Horizontal mailboxes
  • These are front-loading mailboxes – Mail delivery person accesses the inside of the unit from the front
  • 1400 Series modules are grouped in combinations of 5, 6 or 7 compartments high, and 3, 4 or 5 compartments wide. Maximum height allowable under USPS height restrictions is a 7 compartment high module
  • The 1400 Series Horizontal mailboxes are rated for indoor use only, and are not warranted for outdoor use
  • 1400 Series horizontal mailboxes are constructed from all aluminum extrusions and materials, and include snap-on trim free of charge
  • Our horizontal mailboxes come completely assembled, and include all tenant door locks, with 2 keys for each lock (1000 key changes).
  • These 1400 Series Horizontal mailboxes are recess mounted only, and require a minimum of 17” of wall depth
  • Choose from either 5/8" high engraved door identification (up to 6 characters), or clear plastic number slots
  • Available in Standard Clear Anodized Aluminum.
  • Don’t see what you are looking for below? Customized units are also available with a wide variety of configurations, including different tenant mailbox sizes, outgoing mail compartments and parcel lockers. Upcharges will apply for custom units - Please call for assistance and you can request configuration assistance from our highly trained staff
  • To see shop drawings, including rough opening and overall dimensions, please click the corresponding product below, and see the Product Features section for that item. Please call us for shop drawings of multiple unit installations or if you require customized mailboxes
  • All of our 1400 Series horizontal mailboxes are built to order, and therefore are not returnable

Secure Front Loading Horizontal Mailboxes (1400 series)1400-53 Florence 4B+ Horizontal Mailbox

The 1400 series front horizontal mailbox is a great solution for multi-unit buildings. These mailboxes are manufactured entirely from heavy gauge aluminum with a corrosion-proof finish, they're built to last and keep your tenants' mail, safe and secure. These mailboxes are ideal for apartment complexes, universities and military housing.

Fully-Customizable Features

The 1400 series mailboxes offer many convenient and customizable features. To start, it comes completely assembled. All you have to do is recess mount on a minimum 17” wall depth. There are two keys for each lock, an option for engraved door identification, and clear plastic slots for each door. It also comes with one designated master control door where either the local Post Office installs their master lock, or would come with a pre-installed commercial lock if for private mail delivery. This is indicated with the "X" on every photo.

The USPS-approved 1400 series makes efficient use of your wall space. Our biggest front loading mailbox has 35 doors with a total width of 33 inches. Available in aluminum or bronze, so you can get your mailing room to coordinate with virtually any decor.

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