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All Decorative USPS Approved Cluster Box Units

Shop Decorative USPS Approve Cluster Box Units

Decorative cluster box units (CBUs) from U.S. Mail Supply are USPS-approved for all uses. Choose from 4, 8, 12 or 16 door configurations depending on your number of tenants. They offer security features along with their stylish appearance.

Decorative USPS Approved Cluster Box Units at US Mail Supply

Has your drab, old cluster box become the neighborhood eyesore? Dress up the block with decorative accessories for your cluster mailboxes. Our classic cluster mailboxes include a pillar pedestal cover and crown molding roof cap. Or choose our traditional decorative unit, which includes an attractive column pedestal cover and roof cap with ball finial.

View all outdoor pedestal cluster mailboxes available from U.S. Mail Supply.

Purchase Complete Decorative Clusterbox Units or Add To Existing Mailboxes

Decorative Pedestal Mailboxes and AccessoriesMix and match accessories, or save money when you buy the complete package including a new vital™ Series F Cluster Box! New cluster mailbox units are available for buildings or communities of 4, 8, 12, 13 or 16 residents. All vital™ F-Series Cluster Box Units are verified with the USPS Postmaster General seal of approval. Decorative accessories will ship separately for quick and easy installation in the field. Pedestal covers snap together and install with minimal hardware. Roof caps install with double-sided permanent tape and require no additional hardware!

Durable all-aluminum vogue™ decorative accessories resist age and the elements. The vital™ F-Series line of cluster box units are mostly made of high-grade aircraft aluminum to endure the harshest weather conditions. Cluster box units and decorative accessories are available in six colors, including Sandstone, Dark Bronze, Black, Postal Gray, Forest Green or White delivering a custom look for any style building or community. The weather-resistant powdercoat finish resists scratching and vandalism, saving you costly and time consuming repainting jobs down the line. The vital™ Series F Cluster Box Unit keeps mail safe with interlocking master door seams designed to prevent prying.

Ask us about custom metal decals and custom engravings! Call our friendly customer service staff to find out how vital™ Series F Cluster Box mailboxes may qualify for LEED Certification credits.

Cluster Mailboxes vs. NDCBU’s

Cluster Box Units (CBU’s) and Neighborhood Delivery and Collection Box Units (NDCBU’s) make for easy delivery to multiple residences at once, but since NDCBU’s were transitioned out in favor of cluster boxes, there are more rules about their use by the USPS. NDCBU’s design and security measures have become old and outdated, meaning new NDCBU’s cannot be purchased or installed unless it is to replace an existing or damaged unit.

Cluster mailboxes from US Mail Supply are USPS approved and include a host of security features. Compartments are reinforced, have weather-resistant exteriors, and can accommodate larger parcels than the previous NDCBU’s. Please note, your local post office must be consulted before installation due to specific placement rules.

Buy USPS Approved Apartment Mailboxes for Sale Online from U.S. Mail Supply

Compliment your luxury multi-unit residency with secure aluminum USPS approved apartment mailbox units for sale from U.S. Mail Supply. We've got a wide variety of residential and commercial mailbox to give you a bevy of options.

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