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News from America’s Mailbox and Mailroom Headquarters

Keep up with the latest news, updates and postal product regulations by regularly visiting our new ‘News Headquarters’. U.S. Mail Supply works hard to stay up to speed on all the most current information related to the mailbox industry, and we want to conveniently share the information with you when it becomes available. Here you can find updates on all the latest, as well as tips and guides to help you choose the mailboxes, mailroom supplies and equipment to best suit your specific needs. U.S. Mail Supply is your prime source for the best products at the most competitive prices We pride ourselves in providing the most helpful, accurate information in the industry. You can be confident our customer service staff is the most knowledgeable and professional around, and we are always eager to help you and answer your questions. Check back regularly for new and useful information and news!

Call the mailbox supply experts at U.S. Mail Supply today at 262.782.6510 or 800.571.0147 for more information.

Postal Information

USPS Commercial Mailbox STD-4C Regulations & Requirements

Standard 4C Mailbox Specifications All new designs approved for new construction and major renovation require U.S. Postal Service STD-4C compliant mailbox systems. USPS commercial mailbox specifications include: Minimum size requirement of 12” w x 15” d x 3” h Minimum number of parcel lockers based...

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Mailbox Improvement Week – The Third Full Week of May

Every year, the U.S. Postal Service designates the third full week of May as Mailbox Improvement Week. This week is dedicated to encouraging customers on city motorized, rural or contract delivery service routes (formerly highway contract box delivery routes) to evaluate the appearance of their mail...

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Mail Room Supplies for Any Work Environment

High Quality Mailroom Organization and Transportation Supplies At U.S. Mail Supply, your mail room supplies are located in one convenient place. Maximize organization, efficiency and convenience in your office, starting with the mail room. Mail Transportation made Easy Easily transport packages, doc...

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Mailroom Solutions from US Mail Supply

Increase Productivity with Mailroom Management Equipment Managing your office mailroom is important to your business productivity.  Unorganized or inaccessible mailrooms will throw your entire work facility into chaos as important memos are misplaced and client invoices are lost. No matter your busi...

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Office Mailboxes and Mail Sorters for Sale

Choosing the right mail sorter is more important than you might think. US Mail Supply gives you plenty of options. Our selection is organized by their number of compartments, size and mobility. If you're not quite sure what's going to work best for you, we'll be happy to give you our input. Employee...

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USPS Approved Mailboxes - Commercial, Apartment, & Residential Units

**Not all mailboxes are USPS Approved for all applications! Some older style mailboxes, such as the 4B+ compliant 1400 Series 4B+ Horizontal mailboxes and Vertical mailboxes, are only USPS Approved for replacement purposes. For any mailbox project that will involve U.S. Postal Service mail delivery...

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4C Mailboxes – Versatile™ Florence STD-4C USPS Approved Mail Boxes

Shop secure, durable 4C mailboxes for commercial & residential buildings. USPS approved Versatile™ Florence STD-4C mail boxes provide a flexible solution for new multi-family construction. Remove guesswork from the process. Create a perfect mail delivery center with a near-limitless combination of o...

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Totes and Trays for Elections

Totes, Trays and Other Containers Make Ballot Sorting and Transportation Easyplastic Mail totes and trays are the perfect way to sort and store ballots in busy polling places. Anyone who fills out a ballot in an election engages in a right so ingrained in the American spirit, it is nearly sacred. Ev...

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USPS Approved Mailboxes for New Construction

Mailboxes for Apartments, Condo Complexes and New Homes US Mail Supply carries USPS approved mailboxes for new construction properties from new homes in livable communities to apartment complexes and condos. When you are developing a new community or building a complex for people to make their home,...

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Commercial Mailboxes - USPS & private delivery

If you’re shopping for a commercial mailbox, choose US Mail Supply. Our online mailbox store is convenient if you know exactly what you want, but if you don’t, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will make orders over the phone easy. Need a custom configuration? We can help you with that too! US Mail ...

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Literature Organizers & Sorters

Order Document, Letter & Paper Sorters for a Mailroom Upgrade Sorting notices, files and transactional documents becomes difficult when you’re relying on flimsy cardboard literature sorters. Ditch cheap products and invest in a steel mailroom organizer from US Mail Supply today! Our literature sorte...

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Mailroom Sorters & Organizers

Large Mail Sorters Manufactured from Sturdy Steel US Mail Supply’s mailroom organizers are made of formed and welded steel for maximum strength and durability. Adjustable shelves on most units allow plenty of room for stacking mail or sorting and organizing brochures, catalogs, and paper stock. Whet...

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Apartment Building Mailbox Regulations

USPS Mailbox Regulations for Apartment Buildings Due to new apartment mailbox specifications from the USPS, all new construction and major renovation projects require updated apartment mailboxes. USPS approved apartment mailboxes from US Mail Supply are ADA compliant and all interior dimensions meet...

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8 USPS Approved Mailbox Types for Commercial & Residential Use

U.S. Mail Supply offers USPS-approved mailboxes suitable for indoor and outdoor delivery. Our reputable products can be found in thousands of communities and commercial businesses across the US. Since October 2006, all new construction and renovation designs, including residential plans, require USP...

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Commercial Mailbox Buyer's Guide

  If you are in the market for commercial mailboxes, you have come to the right place. Commercial mailboxes are a necessary component of any business or community, providing a secure and convenient way to receive and send mail. With a wide range of styles, sizes, and features available, it can be ov...

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