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Mail drop slots are designed to flip open when mail is delivered and chutes are angled slightly to direct the mail down and through the wall or door. Adding a receptacle will allow for your mail to be kept secure until you retrieve it through the locked door. Mail drop slots and receptacles are perfect for single family or multifamily use. 

Mail Drop Slot

Mail Drop Slot (Slot Only)



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Collection Box Receptacle for Mail Drop Slot

Collection Box Receptacle for Mail Drop Slot (Collection Box Only)



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If you’re looking to replace an old mail drop slot or install a new one at your home or business, this is a great option. Use it for mail delivery, a drop-off for rent checks and intra-office mail. You can purchase the drop slot alone, or with the collection box. The drop slot is available in 5 durable powder coated finishes to complement just about any building’s color scheme.

Mail drop slot & receptacle features & specifications

  • Choose to use the Mail Drop Slot alone or with the Collection Box Receptacle
  • Click HERE to view the product data sheet for the Mail Drop Slot and Collection Box Receptacle
  • Features a durable powder coated finish - Available in Aluminum, Brass, Green, Sandstone or Bronze. Click HERE to view the available colors
  • Mail Drop slot is perfect for mail delivery through an existing wall
  • Ideal for many different applications, including U.S. Mail delivery, payment drop, rent check drop-off and intra-office mail
  • Mail Drop Slot does not require the U.S. Postal Service’s lock
  • Combine Mail Drop Slot with the optional Collection Box Receptacle that aligns with the Mail Drop Chute on the opposite side of the wall for secure receipt of mail, etc. that is dropped through the slot – Sold separately
  • Front flap on Mail Drop Slot comes blank – Or choose to have us engrave the flap at a nominal upcharge
  • Constructed of 1/4" thick aluminum plate and 20 gauge steel
  • Features a spring-loaded mail flap with an adjustable mail flap stop and an angled 5 ¾” deep thru-wall chute
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