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Florence Traditional Decorative 8 Tenant Cluster Mailbox Model #1570-8V2

Product Number: 1570-8V2
What you need to know before you buy.

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Before You Buy:

  • USPS Approved – Check with local Postmaster regarding placement
  • No modifications are allowed to the USPS design
  • Front-loading – Delivery person distributes the mail from the front
  • Decorative Roof Cap and Pedestal Cover are installed by the customer in the field








Product Video: vogue™ 1570-8V2 Traditional Cluster Box Unit (CBU)

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Standard configuration details & dimensions
Weight 177lbs
Number of Tenant Doors  8
Number of Parcel Lockers 2
Actual Unit Size
Height 71.38"
Width 31.63"
Depth 18.50"
Standard Compartment Size
Height 3.00"
Width 12.00"
Depth 15.00"


Florence Traditional 8 Tenant Cluster Mailbox Model #1570-8V2 - USPS Approved

Outdoor 8 unit cluster box unit (CBU)

Discover the exquisite line of designer caps and pedestal covers that have been approved by the United States Postal Service, exclusively brought to you by Florence Manufacturing. These fashionable accessories add an aesthetic appeal to your centralized neighborhood mailbox and provide extra protection for your valuable asset. With minimal hardware, these snap-together pieces can be easily installed to elevate your mailbox's appearance.

The Florence 8-door cluster mailbox with a pedestal is a top-of-the-line mailbox unit for multi-tenant living spaces. Made from heavy-gauge aluminum, this outdoor mailbox unit is durable, corrosion-resistant, and powder-coated in several color finishes. This model varies from the 1570-8 and 1570-8V by featuring traditional decorative accessories for the cap and pedestal covers.

This outdoor cluster mailbox unit also includes two parcel lockers with front doors. 
The parcel lockers are generously sized to accommodate larger packages, and each compartment includes three keys for added security. The Florence "F" Series CBU line is an Officially Licensed CBU product of the US Postal Service for centralized mail delivery. License #2021212.

Check out our USPS Approved F-Series cluster mailboxes or other outdoor pedestal cluster mailboxes.

Traditional 8 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit Features

The 8-tenant door pedestal outdoor mailbox is a highly versatile and customizable mailbox solution designed for use in multi-unit residential buildings and commercial properties. Featuring heavy-gauge aluminum construction, powder-coated finish, and front access, this mailbox unit provides tenants and mail carriers with a secure and convenient way to manage mail and packages. With customizable numbering, multiple color options, and a 5-year limited warranty, the 8-tenant door cluster box unit is a top choice for property managers seeking a reliable and durable mailbox solution.

  • Material: Heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Powder Coated Finish: Yes
  • Color: Standard Sandstone, Black, Dark Bronze, Postal Gray, Forest Green, or White.
  • Access Type: Front
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Arrow lock for USPS: Yes
  • Custom Numbering: Yes
  • Mount Type: Pedestal Mount
  • Capacity: 8 mailbox compartments
  • Outgoing Mail: Outgoing mail slot with mail flap and adjustable mail flap stop
  • Parcel Lockers: 2 parcel lockers with front doors
  • Number of Keys Included: 3 keys per mailbox and parcel locker; 5-pin lock
  • Master Lock: Yes, includes one private master lock for the entire mailbox unit
  • USPS Approved: Yes
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

Traditional 8 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit Security Features

The Florence 1570 series CBUs showcase an array of exceptional security features, designed to keep your mail safe and secure. Each mailbox comes with its own individual lock, while the heavy-duty cam locks offer an added layer of protection. These cam locks are further enhanced with a dust/rain shield, safeguarding your mail against harsh weather conditions and potential tampering. The combination of these robust security features makes Model #1570-8V2 an excellent and trustworthy choice for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring your mail remains protected and offering you much-needed peace of mind. Check out a detailed line drawing of this outdoor mailbox unit.


The Benefits of Your Traditional 8 Unit Outdoor Cluster Mailbox

The traditional style 8-unit pedestal cluster box is a versatile and reliable mailbox solution commonly used in multi-unit residential buildings and commercial properties. With a range of features designed to enhance security, convenience, and durability, the 8-unit cluster box offers numerous benefits for property managers and residents alike. 

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant heavy-gauge aluminum construction
  • Ample space with 8 mailbox compartments and 2 parcel lockers with front doors
  • Convenient front access for mail carriers and recipients
  • Secure individual locks for each mailbox compartment and heavy-duty cam locks with a dust/rain shield
  • Includes private master lock for added security
  • Generously sized parcel lockers to accommodate larger packages
  • Powder-coated finish for a sleek, modern look
  • Easy-to-assemble pedestal mount design
  • 5-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects

Optional Traditional 8-Unit Cluster Box Accessories

Looking for more options? Our optional mailroom accessories can enhance your centralized mail center. Choose the optional mail supply accessories that best suit your needs and elevate your mailbox installation to the next level!

Keep things tidy with our red, white, and blue mail recycling bins, providing receptacles for the disposal of unwanted mail, or create a recycling center with these matching modules.

Collection boxes are the perfect addition to your mailbox installation. These secure collection modules are designed for the either postal or private collection of items such as small packages or parcels, personal or confidential documents, keys, or other small objects.

Key keepers provide secure access to important keys, with the option to have a postal lock installed by local postal officials.

Mail sorters are a fantastic way to keep your mailroom, office, or classroom organized. We supply horizontal and vertical mail sorters in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Purchase Your 8 Unit vogue™ 1570 Series CBU

Are you looking for a secure and convenient USPS-approved cluster mailbox for your multi-tenant property? Order the 8-Unit traditional style cluster (CBU) mailbox today! With its durable construction, ample space, and advanced security features, this USPS-approved mailbox unit is the perfect solution for your residents' mail delivery needs. If you have any questions or would like to request a mailbox quote for a multi-family mailbox installation, please don't hesitate to contact our mailbox experts. Order now and give your residents the peace of mind they deserve!

Not Quite What You’re Looking For? The industry experts U.S. Mail Supply also offer an easy free mailbox quoting process. We always assist you in configuring the most efficient mailbox layout for your commercial or residential needs while being in compliance with the most up-to-date USPS postal regulations. All of our 4C mailboxes meet strict STD-4C USPS regulations, requirements, and security standards to help with parcel and package protection, as well as, identity theft protection.

Contact our mailbox suppliers with any questions or to place your mailbox order today!

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