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8 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

Product Number: F181570-8T6
What you need to know before you buy.
1570-8T6 Florence vital™ 8 Door Cluster Mailbox CBU USPS Unit Cluster Box Door F181570-8T6 Cluster Box Slot F181570-8T6

8 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

Product Number: F181570-8T6
What you need to know before you buy.

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Before You Buy:

  • USPS Approved – Check with local Postmaster regarding placement
  • No modifications are allowed to the USPS design
  • Pedestal mount only – cannot be wall mounted
  • F-Series Cluster Box Units are sold with the pedestal, and cannot be sold without it
  • Front-loading – Delivery person distributes the mail from the front












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Standard configuration details & dimensions
Weight 172 lbs
Mailbox compartments 8
Parcel lockers 4
Actual Unit Size
Height 62.00"
Width 30.50"
Depth 18.00"
Standard Compartment Size
Height 3.25"
Width 12.88"
Depth 18.00"

8 Tenant Door Cluster Mailboxes Ensure Mail Security

USPS F-series 8 tenant door

This standard-approved USPS cluster mailbox comes with 8 tenant compartments measuring 3 1/4” high and 12 7/8” wide.  The F-series cluster mailbox unit comes with 1 parcel compartment measuring 10” high and 3 larger parcel compartments measuring 13” high allowing large delivery capabilities.  A weather-resistant powder coat finish ensures this cluster box unit is capable of withstanding harsh outdoor conditions. Finishes come in sandstone, black, dark bronze, postal gray, forest green, or white, providing aesthetically pleasing options to commercial and residential environments. US Mail Supply also offers cluster box unit accessories for more decorative options. Reinforced corners, interlocking seams, and 360-degree wrap-around hinges minimize pry points and reduces possible mail theft.  This cluster mailbox unit includes a pedestal stand ideal for outdoor installation in residential or commercial complexes.

Order F-series cluster box units and other outdoor pedestal mailboxes online for high-quality cost-effective mailboxes.

8 Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit Features:

  • 8 Standard Mailbox Compartments
  • 4 Standard Parcel Compartments - 1 10" & 3 13"
  • Mailbox Compartment size - Height 3 1/4" x Width 12 7/8"
  • Available colors are Standard Sandstone, Black, Dark Bronze, Postal Gray, Forest Green, or White.
  • Check out a detailed line drawing of this product

8 Large Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

A 5-year warranty by Florence Manufacturing makes our CBUs stand out against other manufacturers! This 8-tenant door cluster box unit is perfect for any of your commercial or residential mail delivery needs. Just like the other five preconfigured cluster box models, this mailbox has anti-theft and damage protection with heavy-duty blocks and overlapping seams to prevent prying.

This large door CBU is also available in four different powder coated colors and is one of the strongest models in the F-series. With a moisture protection drip edge and heavy-duty latches, wind and rain will have absolutely no effect on your delivered mail. The rains of Louisiana, the snow of Maine, and the sun of Nevada are no match for our cluster box—and we ship throughout the U.S. Whether you’re from California or Washington D.C., we only offer the best for your office buildings, universities, health clubs, and apartment complexes.

Secure Cluster Mail Box Units

Florence Manufacturing Cluster Mail Box Units are some of the most secure available, as accredited by their USPS approval. Our CBUs have high security because of their reinforced corners and heavyweight. We build our units with the intention of preventing theft and damage and compared to an NDCBU, our CBUs are far superior.

If you have an older unit called an NDCBU (Neighborhood Delivery Cluster Box Unit), it’s time to update to a new CBU for the sake of security and weather protection. When you’re investing in a CBU, you’re investing in more than just a mail holder. You’re investing in your peace of mind. (Not to mention, our newer models are much prettier, with traditional, contemporary and classic style options to choose from!)

Contact the mail supply experts today if you have any questions regarding your Cluster Mail Box Unit purchase!
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