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All 1600 Series Front-loading Private Use Horizontal Mailboxes

Shop 1600 Series Front Loading Private Use Mailboxes

The 1600 series front-loading mailboxes are horizontal mailboxes used for private use. They are offered in different compartment sizes to fit any layout in multi-unit buildings. Customize the 1600 series front-loading horizontal mailbox online to fit your office building, dormitory, or military housing.

1600 Series Front-loading Private Use Horizontal MailboxesFront-loading Private Use Horizontal Mailboxes – 28 Doors

  • The 1600 Series front-loading horizontal mailboxes feature a standard mailbox compartment size of 5” high x 4” wide x 15 ½” deep, are for private mail distribution only and come equipped with a commercial master lock in the control door for access by mail delivery personnel
  • 1600 Series horizontal mailboxes are not USPS Approved. If you are looking for USPS Approved horizontal mailboxes, check out the new USPS Approved Versatile™ Series 4C Horizontal mailboxes, or the USPS 4B+ compliant horizontal mailboxes (for replacement purposes only) – Check with your local Postmaster prior to ordering to determine the appropriate mailbox style for your application!
  • These are front-loading mailboxes – Mail delivery person accesses the inside of the unit from the front
  • Our 1600 Series modules are grouped in combinations of 7, 8, 9 or 10 compartments high, and 3, 4, 5 or 6 compartments wide
  • The 1600 Series Horizontal mailboxes are rated for indoor use only and are not warranted for outdoor use
  • 1600 Series horizontal mailboxes are constructed from all-aluminum extrusions and materials, and include snap-on trim free of charge
  • Our horizontal mailboxes come completely assembled, and include all mailbox locks, with 2 keys for each lock (1000 key changes).
  • These 1600 Series Horizontal mailboxes are recess mounted only and require a minimum of 17” of wall depth
  • Choose from either 5/8" high engraved door identification (up to 6 characters) or clear plastic number slots.
  • Available in Standard Clear Anodized Aluminum.
  • Mailboxes shown below all contain the standard sized tenant mailbox compartments of 5” high x 4” wide x 15 1/2” deep. For an upcharge, customized units are also available with a wide variety of configurations, including different mailbox sizes or lock options, outgoing mail compartments, parcel lockers, or slots in the mailbox doors. Please call our highly trained staff for configuration assistance if you do not see what you are looking for here
  • To see shop drawings, including rough opening and overall dimensions, please click the corresponding product below and look for the drawing link in the “Features” section for each item. Please call us for shop drawings of multiple unit installations or if you require customized mailboxes
  • All of our 1600 Series horizontal mailboxes are built to order, and therefore are not returnable

Private horizontal mailboxes are ideal for office buildings, dormitories, and military housing. We provide a variety of private horizontal mailboxes from 21 doors to 60 doors. No matter how many doors you have, the benefits are identical.

The roomy 5” high x 4” wide x 15 ½” compartments provide just the right amount of space for mail distribution and reception. Tenants only care about getting mail in a safe, secure way. These mailboxes are constructed with all extrusive aluminum for this purpose. Give your tenants and mail delivery person ease of use by providing names in the clear plastic slots.

Fully-Customizable USPS Mail Supplies

At US Mail Supply, creating customizable horizontal mailboxes has helped many customers. If we don’t have it, we can make it. The wide variety of configurations for private horizontal mailboxes include:

  • Different lock options
  • Different mailbox sizes
  • Parcel lockers
  • Slots in mailbox doors
  • Many more customizable features!

For a customized unit contact our staff for configuration assistance.

US mail supply strives to provide knowledgeable customer service. Our industry-leading supplies, commercial, and residential equipment have satisfied customers across the US. The 1600 Series Front-loading Horizontal Mailbox is a perfect example of a product satisfying private buildings mailing problems.

The search is over. Buy now and provide everyone with secure, easy to use mailing service.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us right away.

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