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All University Mailboxes

University mailbox styles include 4C commercial, cluster box units, horizontal, vertical, indoor, and outdoor mailboxes. Every style is efficient, safe, and durable for use in college campus mailrooms. Find the private mailbox for your university online today.

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Campus Mailboxes

College campus mailboxes need to be efficient, safe, and secure. Finding a simple solution to meet the needs of your university is our specialty. Choose from a variety of school mailbox options to ensure student mail arrives safely to its destination, no matter the size of your campus.

Mailbox styles include:

Private Delivery University Mailboxes

Private mailrooms in most colleges and universities make enclosed delivery mailboxes desirable. Purchase secure private mailboxes, including 4C horizontal, 4B+ vertical, and drop boxes. Ordering from U.S. Mail Supply means your mailboxes can be: 

  • Able to service over 50 people per unit
  • Equipped with parcel lockers for package delivery
  • Front or rear loading
  • Wall-mounted or recessed
  • Indoors or outdoor
  • Horizontal or vertical

Explore all the possibilities U.S. Mail Supply has to offer and browse our private delivery options now.  

Mailboxes for Dormitories

Horizontal mailboxes are a great choice if you need a large number of mailboxes for your student dormitories. Available in multiple widths, heights, and sizes, each of our horizontal units contains 10 to 60 mailboxes and is lockable for greater security. Choose from available base mailbox models or build a custom horizontal mailbox system.

4C Horizontal University Mailboxes

4C horizontal mailboxes are a popular horizontal choice for university settings due to their modular nature and secure parcel lockers. As a pre-USPS approved mailbox, these 4C horizontal units can have between 2 and 20 mailboxes. All of our 4C mailboxes are wall-mounted, front-loaded only, and available in 8 different color options.

Customizable College Mailboxes

Need to order a more personalized solution for your college university? Whether you need indoor wall-mounted school mailboxes for a freshman dorm or a pedestal-mounted cluster box unit for a campus apartment, we’re happy to customize your order for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you find the best mailbox for your application.

Get additional supplies for your college mailroom from U.S. Mail Supply including carts, sorters, totes, bags, tables, racks, and more.


Make sure to choose the RIGHT mailbox.

Don't worry, we can help you figure out what's best and most cost efficient for your space. A representative at U.S. Mail Supply will help you figure out what is required for USPS or private delivery, the number of units you need and any information required for installation.