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Front-loading Horizontal Mailboxes – 21 Doors

Product Number: 1400-73
What you need to know before you buy.

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Before You Buy:

  • Only USPS Approved for replacement purposes (replacing existing Horizontal mailboxes in same wall opening)
  • It is strongly recommended that you consult with local Postal Officials prior to ordering – Local Postmaster Approval is required
  • Approved and warranted for Indoor Use only
  • Also available for Private Mail Delivery (non-USPS)
  • Recess mounted only – 17” of wall depth is required
  • Cannot be surface mounted on a wall, pedestal mounted or free-standing








Additional Resources:

Standard configuration details & dimensions
Weight 79 lbs
Mailbox configuration 7x3
Number of mailboxes 20
Actual Unit Size
Height 38.75"
Width 20.75"
Depth 16.50"

21-Door Front-Loading Horizontal Mailboxes from US Mail Supply

  • 7-high x 3-wide configuration
  • The module contains a total of 21 doors – 20 usable tenant mailboxes (5” high x 6 3/8” wide x 15 ½” deep)
  • The unit comes standard with 5-pin cam keyed mailbox locks.
  • NOTE: Any customization of this unit, including optional color, non-standard lock and/or custom configuration will require an upcharge – Call for details
  • View or download a shop drawing of this product – Please call for a shop drawing of multiple-unit side-by-side configurations

21 Door Front-Loading Mailboxes for Office Buildings, Condos, and Apartments

Easily mounted and installed, this product is the 21 door version of the 1400 Series horizontal mailbox. Having a simple, small mailbox door is an easy way to distribute large amounts of mail in any commercial or residential building. The way this mailbox is designed deters unauthorized access by lowering the risk of sensitive or personal mail being stolen. This product is great for use in standard tenant mail collection, inter-building communication, and rent collection, with such versatile units it’s no surprise we get five-star ratings!

In addition to multifunctional products, U.S. Mail Supply offers two different types of mailbox security for every different product in this line. Besides simply working correctly with low maintenance, the most common issue or worry we are asked about is how we keep our mail delivery systems secure. We offer USPS Approved cam-locks with 1,000 key changes. This is the most popular option and otherwise standard on all horizontal mailboxes.

Contact U.S. Mail Supply today for more information regarding our security features for mailboxes!
Make sure to choose the RIGHT mailbox.

Don't worry, we can help you figure out what's best and most cost efficient for your space. A representative at U.S. Mail Supply will help you figure out what is required for USPS or private delivery, the number of units you need and any information required for installation.