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DOGIPOT™ Poly Pet Station

Product Number: 01010



  • Complete Poly Pet station includes the Poly DOGIPOT Junior Bag Dispenser (400 bag dispenser capacity); Poly Waste receptacle with lid; Reflective DOGIPOT 18" x 12" aluminum sign; Two (2) rolls @ 200 bags of opaque brown DOGIPOT Litter Pick Up Bags; One roll @ 50 heavy duty DOGIPOT Trash Liner Bags; Assembly and Mounting Material and Instructions; Clear Instructions Posted; Multipurpose 4' - 8' green fiberglass telescope mounting post
  • Provides all the tools in one location - makes it convenient for users
  • Attractive pole-mounted display - enhances the look of your common areas
  • Lids on waste cans - keep liners secure & odor to a minimum
  • Locking bag dispensers - prevent your bags from disappearing too quickly
  • Available in green color only
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