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Parcel & package drop boxes for residential & commercial use

Drop boxes for parcels, packages and mail from U.S. Mail Supply are top-quality. Secure and sturdy, your packages and letters will be kept safe until your mailman arrives to collect the contents. The materials used in making these boxes are chosen for their ability to withstand a beating.

Types of Drop Boxes and Collection Boxes

Our collection boxes are built with powder-coated stainless steel, weatherproof and corrosion-resistant aluminum components, and pry resistant locks for maximum security. Check out our selection to find out which U.S. Mail Supply drop box is right for your needs.

USPS Approved Double Letter LockerPedestal Letter Collection Box for Sale

Pedestal Letter Locker Collection Boxes

These collection boxes are ideal for large institutions sending and receiving a high volume of mail. Each Letter Locker is equipped with the USPS lock for mail carrier access so your mail carrier can replace the mail tote of outgoing mail with the tub of incoming mail. SHOP NOW -->

Outdoor Pedestal Lockers for ApartmentsOutdoor Pedestal Mail Box Lockers

Outdoor valiant™ Pedestal Parcel Lockers

Our USPS approved outdoor parcel lockers are designed for use with cluster box units, often utilized by apartment buildings to deliver tenant mail. The parcel locker provides a place for items too large for the small tenant compartments. The doors are pry resistant, and the weatherproof finish is available in a variety of colors. SHOP NOW -->

USPS Approved Delivery Vault Box

USPS Approved Full Service Delivery Vault

This full-service vault provides a secure, extra-large drop section for large items, a secure mail drop, and an enclosed space for outgoing mail. This ultimate delivery box can store over 2 weeks of mail, perfect for people who travel or receive a lot of letters and packages. SHOP NOW -->

Mail Package Drop USPS Approved

Mail Package Drop

This USPS approved package drop box has convenient front and rear doors, and is compliant for use by non-postal package delivery services (such as UPS and FedEx). It’s available in black, white, green, or silver. SHOP NOW -->

Heavy Duty USPS Approved Deposit Box

“Deposit” Delivery Vault

Similar to the Full Service Delivery Vault, this large, heavy- duty package deposit box has a standard pry resistant rear door, with an optional front access door also available. The rust-resistant powder coat finish comes in your choice of black, white, gray, sand, or copper vein. SHOP NOW -->

Pedestal Mounted USPS Approved Delivery Vaults

Pedestal Mounted Delivery Vaults

Elevated off the ground on a pedestal, these delivery vaults are ideal for areas with heavy snowfall in the winter. The durable powder coat finish protects the drop box from rust and damage. SHOP NOW -->

USPS Approved Collection Drop Mailbox

“Collection” Vault

This delivery vault makes an excellent storage unit for businesses such as hospitals, law enforcement agencies, libraries, and car rental agencies. The collection unit allows businesses to receive package deliveries and secure returned items from customers, such as expired prescription drugs, evidence, library books, and car keys. This depository unit comes with a large plastic bin to hold items inside the vault and allow easy collection. SHOP NOW -->

Wall Mounted Package Drop Box

Wall-Mounted Package Drop Vault Plus

This package drop vault allows secure package delivery 24/7, making it perfect for businesses. Designed to fit between wall studs, the drop box is easy to install in exterior residential walls, such as entryways or garage walls. The locking bottom unit securely stores packages and mail. SHOP NOW -->

USPS Approved Courier Box for Private Use

Courier Box

Our private use courier drop box comes equipped with a 3-point locking system. 14 gauge steel construction provides security and allows for indoor or outdoor use. SHOP NOW -->

Weather Sealed Outdoor Collection Mailbox

Weather Sealed Outdoor Collection Box

This private use outdoor collection box stands up to most weather conditions and features a gravity-action door to resist theft. Constructed of heavy-duty 20 gauge steel, it comes with a built-in lock and two keys. An optional inside tote makes collection easy. SHOP NOW -->

USPS Mail Drop SlotUSPS Approved Mailbox Receptacle Only

Mail Drop Slot and Receptacle

Use our mail drop slot alone for mail delivery through a wall or add the collection box receptacle to hold all mail securely. This mail drop unit is perfect for receiving regular mail delivery and drop offs, such as payments, rent, and intra-office mail. Optional engraving on the mail slot flap allows for personalization. SHOP NOW -->

Pedestal Drop Box USPS ApprovedPedestal Drop Box for Sale

Pedestal Drop Box

These aluminum private use pedestal drop boxes are ideal for colleges and military bases. The highly customizable drop boxes are available in 3 sizes and 6 different door configurations, including front and rear access door options and mail slots. SHOP NOW -->

Pedestal Hopper Collection MailboxHeavy Duty Pedestal Hopper Mailbox for Sale

Versatile™ Series Pedestal 4C Hopper Collection Boxes

Pedestal hopper collection mailboxes protect valuable items like videos, books, x-rays, keys and more from mail theft. Durable corrosive resistant pedestal boxes keep your possessions safe. You must get your local postmaster's approval—these pedestal boxes are NOT USPS approved. SHOP NOW -->

Indoor Letter Drop BoxLetter Drop Box for Indoor Use

Letter Drop Boxes

Our letter drop boxes are available as surface-mounted or recess-mounted. They are intended for indoor use, unless they are sheltered from weather. These letter boxes come in aluminum or brass powder coat finish, with optional engraving. SHOP NOW -->

Secure and Convenient Postal Drop Boxes

Postal Drop Boxes and Postal SpecialtiesU.S. Mail Supply has postal drop boxes and postal specialties like package drop boxes, mail sorters, parcel lockers, mail slots, key keepers, delivery vaults, collection boxes and more. We supply pedestal, free-standing and wall-mounted drop boxes and collection boxes for all types of locations. Not sure which solution is the best for you? Call us and we will be glad to help you choose the best drop box or collection box for your location and application. 

Packages left in the open are often targeted by criminals. US Mail Supply designed these USPS approved drop boxes to keep your packages safe, ensuring they get picked up by your postal worker. They feature pry resistant locks and stainless steel hinges for maximum protection.

U.S. Mail Supply knows you're also concerned about the durability of your drop box. This is why we offer drop boxes built with powder-coated stainless steel and weather and corrosion-resistant aluminum components. Check out our full selection of drop boxes and other postal specialties, and be sure to call us with any questions you may have.

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