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Mail Tote Rack-3 Totes Product Number: TR150 $394.00 Full Description
Mail Tote Rack-6 Totes Product Number: TR250 $420.00 Full Description
Mail Tote Rack-9 Totes Product Number: TR350 $468.00 Full Description
Mail Tote Rack-Add-on-6 Totes Product Number: TR200 $303.00 Full Description
Mail Tote Rack-Add-on-9 Totes Product Number: TR300 $357.00 Full Description
Two Shelf Mail Tote Sorter Product Number: T125Y $377.00 Full Description
Mail Tote Sorter-6 Totes Product Number: T225Y $425.00 Full Description
Mail Tote Sorter-8 Totes Product Number: T325Y $532.00 Full Description
Mail Tote Sorter-12 Totes Product Number: T226Y $820.00 Full Description
Mail Tote Sorter-16 Totes Product Number: T326Y $1,029.00 Full Description

Sort and Store Mail Easily

Mail distribution centers around the country need some way of organizing their identified and unidentified mail. Here at US Mail Supply, we carry a wide variety of mail tote racks. Our tote racks are available in different styles to hold from 3 totes up to 16 totes

You can purchase mail totes in different colors to make organization and sorting much easier. Since you can pick which colors you want, you can work with your own color-coding system.

The tote racks feature a slick cart design to make storing multiple mail totes a breeze.

These tote racks are built with steel rod reinforcements and welded at the seams, ensuring they last a long time. US Mail Supply makes it easy to stack your totes to save space or move them out of the way when not in use.

Get yours today and start organizing.

Contact the mail organization experts at US Mail Supply today for more information.