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Mail room supplies - totes, bins, sorters, sorter shelves, carts, mailboxes & more from U.S. Mail Supply

U.S. Mail Supply provides you with professional mailroom supplies and equipment for organization, convenience, and efficiency. We have a wide selection of common mailroom supplies, and even some less common supplies too.

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Mailroom Organization Supplies

A well-organized mailroom is important to keep an office or building running smoothly. US Mail Supply has myriad solutions for optimal mail room organization, efficiency and convenience. We have carts for easy transportation through your building. We offer sacks and bins for easy transportation and organization during deliveries. U.S. Mail Supply has a variety of sorters, storage racks and mail pouches all available at cost-effective prices. We’re here to help enhance your experience with the post office.

Don’t overwhelm your mailroom employees with an un-organized mailroom. U.S. Mail Supply offers the supplies you need to keep your mail room organized, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of lost mail. If you don’t see the specific mailroom equipment or supplies you are looking for, give us a call at 800.571.0147 and our expertly trained and knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the best mailroom equipment solution for your situation.

Mobile Mail Carts, Mail Hampers, Movers, and Trucks

Mobile Mail Carts, Hampers and Utility CartsOur industrial strength, steel mail distribution carts are available in a range of sizes, from small mail carts for narrow aisles and quick deliveries to large mail carts holding mail for over 300 stops. Customize your mail cart with different baskets and wheels. Add lockable covers, rubber bumpers, and more to optimize your mail cart. Shop U.S. Mail Supply online for cost-effective mail distribution supplies:

  • Mail hampers
  • Wire basket mail carts
  • Solid basket mail carts
  • Miscellaneous utility carts
  • Bin and mail tray carts
  • Mobile mail tote carts
  • Electric platform trucks

Mail Sorters

USPS Mail SortersDependable mail sorters in a selection of styles and sizes keep your mail neatly organized and easy to find. These high quality steel mail sorters come with adjustable horizontal or vertical shelves and a variety of pocket depths. U.S. Mail Supply offers accessories, including:

  • Removable shelf labels
  • Magnetic shelf labels
  • Label inserts
  • Additional shelves

Our wide range of mail sorters in different configurations are sure to meet all your personal and business mail organization needs.

Mail Totes, Mail Trays, and Bins

Our plastic mail totes, trays, bins, and tubs provide convenient mail collection, sorting, and storage. The plastic tubs fit perfectly in our mail carts for easy transportation and distribution. We carry heavy duty mail bins with regular sized pockets as well as larger bins to accommodate bulk amounts of mail. Shop U.S. Mail Supply’s mailroom organizational supplies online for totes, bins, and trays in a variety of colors and sizes at reasonable prices.

Mail Bags, Mail Bag Racks, and Mail Pouches

Mail Bags, Mail Bag Racks and Mail PouchesU.S. Mail Supply provides a wide selection of mail carrier supplies online:

  • Heavy duty canvas mailbags
  • Vinyl mailbags
  • Round-trip mail pouches
  • Large document bags
  • Mailbag racks

Hang your durable canvas bags or moisture-resistant vinyl bags on our convenient mailbag racks for easy storage and transportation. Round-trip mail pouches provide a cost-effective mailing option. Heavy duty document bags with optional padlocks safely carry large documents and medical X-rays. Check out our range of mail bags for sale online.

Mailroom Tables and Furniture

Our sturdy mailroom sorting tables range from 30” wide for small mailrooms to 96” wide for large companies. Adjustable height settings allow mailroom staff to work sitting or standing. Some tables come equipped with shelves to hold mail bins or other supplies. These high quality tables support the weight of heavy sorting machinery. Built-in levelers in the legs ensure your table won’t wobble as you work. Powder coated paint prevents chipping and corrosion. Shop U.S. Mail Supply’s mailroom furniture to find the right sorting table for your needs.

Mail Storage, Racks, and Organizers

U.S. Mail Supply offers a variety of mail organizational products, from secure inter-office mail stations to plastic literature organizers to mail bin and tote shelves. Our inter-office mail stations provide different lock options to suit the needs of your office, university, or hospital. Plastic literature organizers are available with 12-72 pockets to sort faxes, reports, computer printouts, and more. Steel mail tote racks provide easy storage for our plastic mail totes and feature a 1.5” shelf lip to keep the tote in place. Bin sorters are ideal for sorting overflow or bulk mailings. Some assembly is required for our mail storage, racks, and organizers to keep our products cost-effective.

Find Your Mailroom Solutions

Your mailroom solutions are closer than ever with help from US Mail Supply. Whether you need mailroom management in a new facility or are just hoping to automate your current business, mailroom supplies are a valuable improvement to your office’s organization, productivity, and aesthetic. Controlling clutter and containing loose documents is an easy way to boost your business appeal. Both new ventures and large corporations can benefit from an efficient mailroom. Invoices, internal documents, and newsletters will all be put in their place with US Mail Supply’s mailroom equipment. The supplies we carry range from the common vinyl mailbag to the latest electronic mail trucks, capable of solving your current mailroom problems

Shop our newly organized selection of mail hampers, mail sorters, mailroom tables, postal totes, mail bags, racks, mail carts, and more. If you have any questions for choosing the right mailroom supply solution for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to call us.

Contact U.S. Mail Supply at 262.782.6510 or 800.571.0147 for more information.