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All Closed Back Steel Mail Sorters

Closed-back steel mail sorters are used in offices, classrooms and home desktops to help keep things organized. All sorters are offered in a variety of styles with different accessories to maximize your mailroom efficiency. Order a mail sorter online today to ensure fast, organized, and accurate mail delivery.

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Product details:

  • U.S. Mail Supply has the largest selection of Closed Back Mail Sorters in the industry. We know you need a dependable mail sorter when it comes to personal and business mail organization
  • View our wide selection of mail sorter styles and accessories below, which fit every individual situation.
  • Our mail sorters are constructed of high quality steel and effectively welded
  • The adjustable shelves on our mail sorters can be moved in ½” increments to fit a vast range of mail and personal items
  • Most of our Closed Back Mail Sorters are available in 12 ¾” or 15 ¾” pocket depths, and can be purchased in either gray or putty finish
  • Our mail sorters come in a variety of sizes and shapes from the heavy duty 120” wide mail sorters to the economical 25” wide mail sorters
  • Our Closed Back Mail Sorters come with a solid steel back, which can be easily removed to offer pocket access from both the front and rear of the unit
  • We also open back mail sorters providing even more mail organizing options
  • You’ll love the superior organizational power, quality of workmanship and design of our versatile mail sorters
  • Our Closed Back Mail Sorters are manufactured to be placed on desks, tables, shelves or the floor. They are not manufactured to be hung on a wall without support underneath
  • Some light customer assembly is required

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Closed Back Steel Mail SortersClosed Back Steel Mail Sorters are Flexible, Durable & Affordable

Closed-end Steel-Back Mail Sorters from US Mail Supply fit the bill with a breadth of selection, style and accessories you simply cannot find anywhere else for sale online. They assist your employees and staff with quickly sorting and easily organizing your mailroom. 

Mail delivery has to be: 

  • Fast
  • Easy to Organize
  • Accurate

Of the closed back mail sorters we carry, there isn't one capable of hindering your mail room's needs. A huge selection of accessories is also provided, allowing you to fully customize your mail room for maximum efficiency. 

Check out our full selection of our table-top mail sorters, perfect for offices, classrooms and home desktops. Your ability to perform comes down to your environment. Even old, rustic or "vintage" mail sorters can make a space look cluttered, having an impact on your attitude towards work. Keep it organized and in-line with the help of US Mail Supply.

US Mail Supply offers mail sorters for:

  • Home office
  • Desktop
  • Countertop
  • Mail and letters
  • Employees
  • Office

Order Closed Back Steel Mail Sorters Today & Use Them Every Day in the Office

Each of these mail sorters is a strong, dependable and durable unit, perfect for any personal and business mail organization. They are constructed from powerful welded steel, powder-coated in either of two attractive finishes – gray or putty. They are high-quality, strong and stable sorters. Your staff will appreciate their functionality and ease of use.

The best part? You only have to order once.

Our mail sorters are built to last. 

Whatever you need, US Mail Supply is your prime online source for the highest-quality products at the lowest available prices. Our expert office equipment specialists are ready to offer you the finest customer service.

You’ll enjoy superb flexibility with adjustable shelves which can be moved in half-inch increments. The solid steel back can be easily removed for access from either the front or rear of the unit. From top to bottom and front to back, the closed steel back mail sorter from US Mail Supply is the efficient, strong and attractive solution to your office mail needs. 

Shop all mail sorters available for sale online from US Mail Supply.