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U.S. Mail Supply offers a variety of mailroom and office supplies such as mail carts and hampers to improve your mailroom productivity. Sometimes the greatest challenge in delivering mail is navigating from Point A to Point B. Lighten your workload by choosing the right distribution cart for your business mail room. US Mail Supply offers a wide selection of mail carts to choose from. Need your cart to carry mail trays or totes? Simply looking for a mail hamper? US Mail Supply has it all, available for sale online. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.

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Mail Room Distribution Supplies

  • U.S. Mail Supply, Inc. carries a huge variety of mail distribution carts, including small mail carts for use in tight spaces or for quick deliveries, and large mail carts that will hold 300+ mail stops for the largest corporate and government facilities
  • Some of our mail carts are designed to hold USPS plastic totes and mail bags
  • Because of our modular design, different wire baskets and solid metal tubs can be interchanged with different wheels and casters to create the carts that are just right for your particular mail operation
  • Over the years we have designed carts for warehouse order picking as well as outside operations in down town streets
  • Cart accessories include locking tops for security, hanging baskets for extra capacity, rubber bumpers to protect walls and desks from scratches and dents, plastic totes, and much more.
  • Industrial strength Mail Carts, constructed in welded solid steel sheets or heavy gauge steel wire,  are designed for durability and longevity - The only time you will need to buy another mail cart is when your mailing operation expands and you need additional carts!
Contact the mail supply professionals for all your mailroom organizational supplies.

Organize Your Mail Room with the Right Products

Transport Your Mail the Easy Way with Distribution Carts

After your friendly mail carrier delivers the seemingly insurmountable sack of mail, what do you do with it? Stack the envelopes and packages in a wavering tall tower and try to keep your balance? An exciting challenge, sure, but not the most efficient way to complete the task at hand.

Mail on WheelsMobile Mail Cart

Start with selecting from our vast variety of mail distribution carts. Is your mail room filled with tables, nooks and crannies making navigation difficult? We have smaller carts for maneuvering tight spaces or for making quick deliveries. Are you distributing a staggering amount of mail and parcels in a corporate or government facility with multiple floors? We have several large mail cart choices for you capable of handling over 300 stops in one load.

Coordinate Your Mail Cart

Do you just love when everything fits perfectly into place, tidy and organized? Some of our distribution carts are specifically designed to hold USPS totes and bags. All of our carts are a modular design so they are completely customizable. You can choose from wire baskets or solid metal tubs. Different wheels and casters are also available, suited to your particular operation. These different wheels and casters are also ideal for different terrains, whether you are picking up orders in the warehouse or navigating outside operations in downtown streets.

Equip with Ease

We have several cart accessories available as well. Does your company handle sensitive material or confidential documents? The old axiom says the mail never stops; we offer security lids for when you need your mail locked up for the evening. There are spring-hanging baskets for extra capacity and further organization. We have protective rubber bumpers to prevent damage to walls, desks and doorframes during the occasional, yet inevitable, impact.

Heavy Duty Mail Delivery Just Became Effortless

Industrial strength carts mean you only buy them once. Solid steel bins or heavy-gauge wire are designed for longevity. You only have to buy another after your operation expands and you need more distribution carts to keep up!

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Don't worry, we can help you figure out what's best and most cost efficient for your space. A representative at U.S. Mail Supply will help you figure out what is required for USPS or private delivery, the number of units you need and any information required for installation.