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Shop 96" Wide Steel Mailroom Tables

The largest mailroom table sizes US Mail Supply offers are 96-inch wide. These tables consist of two 48" wide steel mail tables side by side. You can either order open-space tables, tables with shelves, or tables with locking cabinets, depending on your mailroom projects. With tables this large, you'll have enough room to effectively organize and sort mail for delivery in your office, warehouse, or another facility. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.


96-inch Wide Steel Frame Mailroom Tables for Efficient Workspaces

96-Inch Wide Steel Mailroom Tables For Sale

US Mail Supply provides durable 96-inch wide steel mailroom tables to add versatility to your mailroom furniture. These wide tables are perfectly suited for mail sorting and heavy equipment handling with an impressive 2,000 lb weight capacity. 

Our 96-inch steel tables feature steel table bases with a protective powder-coating process in either light grey or putty, ensuring resistance to corrosion and chipping. The tables are built with a steel apron and robust 1 1/4" square chrome legs with levelers to keep the table steady on uneven floor surfaces. The tabletops are made of high-density 1 1/4" melamine and are available in walnut, oak or grey finishes. 

Create an efficient and tailored workspace for your specific mailroom needs with our 96-inch steel mail tables. 

Types of 96" Steel Mailroom Tables

We carry 3 different versions of the 96-inch steel mailroom table:

All tables are adjustable in height from 28 to 38 inches, ensuring ergonomic work conditions. They are shipped disassembled to minimize shipping costs and prevent damage during transit. Assembly by the customer is required.

NOTE: Each of our 96-inch tables is comprised of two 48-inch wide tables situated side-by-side for maximum utility.

Versatile Steel Mailroom Tables for Diverse Work Environments

Our steel mailroom tables are designed to fit effortlessly into a range of business settings. They are especially advantageous for sectors like postal operations, courier services, distribution hubs, and educational facilities that manage large quantities of mail. Organizations looking for dependable, long-lasting solutions for efficient mail sorting and handling will find these tables invaluable.

These steel mailroom tables are well-suited for a wide spectrum of commercial and institutional spaces, including but not limited to:

96" Wide Mailroom Tables FAQs

How do the mailroom tables handle heavy equipment? 

The 96" mailroom tables have a remarkable weight capacity of 2,000 lbs, making them ideal for accommodating heavy machinery and mail sorters. Their steel construction ensures they can not only handle the load but also withstand consistent, daily use over time. 

Can I adjust the height of the mailroom tables? 

Yes, these tables offer an adjustable height from 28" to 38" in one-inch increments. The adaptability minimizes bending and reaching to promote a more comfortable workspace. 

Do these tables have security features? 

Yes, the tables feature sliding locking doors built for security. They are made of 18-gauge steel, bent and formed on all sides for added strength. Each door is equipped with a lock and comes with two keys to keep mail supplies safe. 

Choose Your Preferred Steel Mailroom Table Width:

Looking for additional sizes? We offer a variety of different steel mail table sizes to fit every workspace.

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96" Steel Mailroom Tables For Sale at US Mail Supply

At US Mail Supply, we offer a vast selection of steel mailroom tables, supplies, and furniture. From mail carts and hampers to mail bins, totes, and trays, we cater to all your mailroom supply needs. Don't hesitate to contact us, request a quote or call today. We're excited to help you find the perfect mailbox solution!

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