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Plastic mail hampers are offered in 4 hamper sizes giving you the solution you need for your mailroom. Made with lightweight and durable polyurethane, these hampers will withstand daily uses. Order online and choose between 2 color options.

Polyethelene Plastic Mail Hampers from US Mail SupplyPolyethelene Plastic Mail Hampers

  • Move hundreds of bulk packages and mail in a single trip!
  • Lightweight and durable polyethylene mail hamper stands up to the rigors of daily use
  • These hampers offer 2 fixed and 2 swivel 4-inch casters
  • Four Hamper sizes to choose from: 8-bushel, 12-bushel, 16-bushel, and 20 bushel
  • Steel pallet base
  • Available in Blue or Grey
  • Ships assembled
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