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U.S. Mail Supply offers various hampers for your company's mail solutions. Plastic mail hampers are offered in 4 hamper sizes giving you the solution you need for your mailroom. Made with lightweight and durable polyurethane, these hampers will withstand daily uses. Order online and choose between 2 color options. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.


Polyethylene Plastic Mail HampersPolyethelene Plastic Mail Hampers

US Mail Supply's plastic mail hampers provide a lightweight, mobile solution for transporting bulk packages and mail. These rolling mail hampers feature durable polyethylene construction to withstand constant use moving heavy loads. Available in four sizes from 8 to 20 bushels, the plastic hampers ship fully assembled with steel pallet bases and casters for easy mobility. Designed for high-volume mailrooms, the plastic carts allow USPS staff to consolidate mail and move it efficiently. 

With swivel and fixed casters, these rolling bins glide across any surface with ease. The plastic mail holder construction resists wear from daily use and cleaning. US Mail Supply's plastic bulk mail hampers offer an affordable alternative to canvas hampers and optimize organization and transport. 

Types of Plastic Mail Hampers

  • 8 Bushel Plastic Mail Hamper
  • 12 Bushel Plastic Mail Hamper
  • 16 Bushel Plastic Mail Hamper
  • 20 Bushel Plastic Mail Hamper

Plastic Mail Hampers to Optimize Mailroom Efficiency

For offices with high-traffic mailrooms, plastic mail hampers provide efficient transportation and mobility to streamline workflows. Our plastic mail hampers offer easy maneuverability in busy mailroom environments for smooth mail transport and organization. 

Our plastic mail hampers are well-suited for a wide spectrum of commercial and industrial spaces, including but not limited to: 

Plastic Mail Hamper FAQs

What makes the mobility of this hamper stand out? 

Our plastic mail hampers offer easy maneuverability with 2 fixed and 2 swivel 8-inch pneumatic air casters, which are known for their smooth rolling and stability. 

What are the dimensions of each plastic mail hamper? 

  • 8 Bushel: 23"H x 36"W x 38"D
  • 12 Bushel: 27"H x 30"W x 40"D
  • 16 Bushel: 30"H x 32"W x 44"D
  • 20 Bushel: 38"H x 36"W x 52"D

What is the base material of the plastic mail hampers? 

The hamper comes with a steel pallet base, adding to its overall sturdiness and reliability. 

Choose Your Preferred Mail Hamper Style: 

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Plastic Mail Hampers For Sale at US Mail Supply

US Mail Supply provides a comprehensive selection of mailroom necessities to fully outfit your mailroom including mail carts, bins, trays, sorters and more. Don't hesitate to contact us, request a quote or call today. We're excited to help you find the perfect mailroom solution. 

Contact U.S. Mail Supply today at 262.782.6510 or 800.571.0147 or request a quote for more information.
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