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Multi-Purpose Corrugated Mail Trays for Mailroom Organization

Corrugated trays are the item used most often in handling mail. A well-stocked and efficient mail center would be amiss without the proper assortment of mail trays to keep mail clean, organized and properly mobile. Such trays are used for bulk sorting, storing and transportation of mail.

Our corrugated plastic mail trays have folded, double-sidewall construction for strength, but are lightweight enough for easy mobility. Like sizes nest easily for convenient storage when not in use.

Corrugated plastic trays come with cutout handles for easy carriage. .

US Mail Supply offers multiple colors and sizes for mail trays. Colors include: yellow, red, blue, green or black. Sizes range from 13” long to 25.5” long.

Proudly made in the USA, these totes are reusable and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly and easy choice for responsible business managers who are also on a budget.

Organize Your Business with Corrugated TraysCorrugated Mail Trays

Your mail room is the heart of your business. To make sure valuable correspondence gets where it needs to go and keep your business efficient, proper organization is a must. Corrugated totes, bins, and trays are essential pieces of equipment and need to be stocked in order to keep the mail flowing.

Elections Get Organized with Sorting Trays

If businesses need quality organizational supplies, polling places absolutely require them. Thankfully, US Mail Supply offers a wide variety of election organizing solutions. Our corrugated plastic trays are the perfect answer for securely sorting ballots and maintaining the integrity of the voting process.

Colored Trays for Sorting Ballots

For the best in ballot organization, a great place to turn is US Mail Supply’s colored corrugated plastic mail trays, available in white, blue, green, red, yellow and black. A variety of colors will give your poll workers easy visual cues to differentiate between voting categories. Whether you need to separate spoiled, provisional, or absentee ballots, colored trays will improve your sorting and ballot counting accuracy.

Classic white sorting trays are also available and offer equal strength and durability.

Browse all the mail trays, totes and bins for sale online from US Mail Supply or contact the mail-room organization professionals for help choosing your supplies today.