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Steel mail carts are durable and quiet, complete with bolt-through construction for added endurance. Heavy-duty steel also means a higher capacity for bigger loads in fewer trips, increasing efficiency. Shop solid basket mail carts online today.

Solid Steel Basket Mail Trolley CartsSolid Steel Basket Mail Trolley Carts

Mail carts are essential additions to any businesses which regularly receive a lot of mail, or moves books and boxes often throughout the day. Carts are easy to use and keep the strain of transport off your mailroom employee’s backs.

The top file folder bin can be adjusted for less bending and reaching to help minimize sore backs and grumbles.

The lower bin reserves space for packages and oversized mail. Two levels on your trolley cart allow for easier sorting and organization. This makes delivery a breeze to find the exact item you are looking for. 

The mail carts of solid steel construction have optional locking tops that have been certified as HIPAA-compliant and are perfect for securing sensitive mail and documents away from prying eyes.

Larger carts are perfect for holding more mail stops in one trip. These carts also come with the option for an ergonomically designed handle with a cushioned grip for easy pushing and ultimate control. 

US Mail Supply also offers alternative caster arrangements to suit your facility and operations - air tires for quiet, smooth operation, heavy-duty plastic wheels for loads of 500 pounds or more, or standard 10”-16” wheels for maneuverability and easy steering.

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Make sure to choose the RIGHT mailbox.

Don't worry, we can help you figure out what's best and most cost efficient for your space. A representative at U.S. Mail Supply will help you figure out what is required for USPS or private delivery, the number of units you need and any information required for installation.