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Apartment Mailboxes

USPS Approved Mail Boxes for Apartments

Outdoor apartment mailboxes for sale

Outdoor apartment mailboxes

Luxury apartment mailboxes for sale

Luxury apartment mailboxes

Residential mounted mailboxes for sale

Residential apartment mailboxes

Recessed apartment mailboxes for sale

Recessed apartment mailboxes

Easy Installation. High Security. Timeless Styles. Durable Aluminum & Steel Construction.

US Mail Supply offers the best USPS-approved & private use residential & commercial mail box units for apartment buildings, condos and all types of small and large multi-family complexes.

Recessed Apartment Mailboxes

Recessed mailboxes for apartment lobbies help save space and organize mail delivery. US Mail Supply offers a collection of high quality, durable apartment mailboxes. Wall mounted mailboxes are easily installed and perfect for any apartment building lobby. Shop 4C horizontal mailboxes, indoor mailboxes, and front loading horizontal mailboxes. Finding the right mailbox for your apartment building is easy at US Mail Supply.

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Residential Apartment Mailboxes

Residential apartment mailboxes from US Mail Supply are ideal for use in single unit rental homes. Wall and pedestal mounted units can be used outside of a home or condo. Available in decorative and modern styles, you can find the perfect residential apartment mailboxes for your rental property.

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Outdoor Apartment Mailboxes

Perfect for multi-family units, outdoor cluster mailboxes from US Mail Supply can be mounted on virtually any residential or commercial property. Multi-family mailboxes ensure centralized mail delivery and protect valuables from countless threats. Outdoor apartment mailboxes from US Mail Supply are built to withstand sun, snow, rain and whatever temperature extremes Mother Nature can throw at them.

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Luxury Apartment Mailboxes

Luxury apartment mailboxes from US Mail Supply add a bit of class to any property. Outdoor locking multi-unit cluster mailboxes are available in two styles: classic and traditional. Classic luxury apartment mailboxes stand on bold pedestals and have molded roof caps, resembling ancient Greek structures. Traditional luxury apartment mailboxes stand on Vogue decorative pedestal covers and have a ball finish on their decorative cap, resembling Victorian British architecture.

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Indoor Horizontal Apartment Mailbox for Sale Online

USPS Mailbox Regulations for Apartment Buildings

Due to new apartment mailbox specifications from the USPS, all new construction and major renovation projects require updated apartment mailboxes. USPS approved apartment mailboxes from US Mail Supply are ADA compliant and all interior dimensions meet new requirements.   

Get Secure, Lockable USPS Approved Residential Mail Boxes

USPS approved apartment mailboxes from US Mail Supply are constructed of aluminum, making them a safe and secure option for ingoing and outgoing mail. Front and rear loading options are available, depending on the model.

Customize New Apartment Mailboxes with Your Choice of Slots / Doors

Indoor horizontal mailboxes for apartments may be recess wall mounted or surface mounted. US Mail Supply offers a custom horizontal mailbox builder – just enter your requirements and we’ll find the perfect multi-unit mailbox for you.

Shop Commercial Mailboxes

Please contact US Mail Supply with any further questions on choosing the right mailbox(es) for your apartment building.
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