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Apartment Mailboxes for Sale

USPS Approved Mail Boxes for Apartments

Easy installation. High security. Durable aluminum & steel construction. US Mail Supply offers the best USPS-approved residential & commercial mail box units for apartment buildings, condos and all types of small and large multi-family complexes.

Shop Mailboxes for Apartments, Condos & Multi Family Residences

4C Horizontal Mailboxes for Apartments for Sale Online

4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Wall mounted (recessed) 4C horizontal mailboxes are perfect for a lobby or hallway in a multi-family apartment building.

Decorative Mailboxes for Apartments for Sale Online

Decorative Mailboxes

After an antique, old or vintage look? Shop Victorian style outdoor locking multi-unit cluster mailboxes for luxury apartments.

Residential Apartment Mail Boxes for Sale Online

Residential Mailboxes

Single unit mail houses may be wall mounted to the side of a condo house or home - or mounted to a post or pedestal outside the building.

Indoor Apartment Mail Boxes for Sale Online

Indoor Mailboxes

Shop modern style or classic horizontal/vertical indoor mailboxes for multi-family apartment buildings.

Outdoor Apartment Mail Boxes for Sale Online

Outdoor Mailboxes

Cluster mailboxes for multi-unit buildings, including decorative classic and traditional style locking pedestal mailboxes.

Horizontal Apartment Mail Boxes for Sale Online

Horizontal Mailboxes

Choose a front-loading horizontal aluminum mailbox for your tenants or build your own custom design based on door/slot requirements.

Indoor Horizontal Apartment Mailbox for Sale Online

Get Secure, Lockable USPS Approved Residential Mail Boxes

USPS approved apartment mailboxes from US Mail Supply are constructed of all aluminum extrusions and materials, making them a safe and secure option for ingoing and outgoing mail. Front and rear loading options available depending on the model.

Custom New Apartment Mailboxes with Your Choice of Slots / Doors

Indoor horizontal mailboxes for apartments may be recess wall mounted or surface mounted. US Mail Supply offers a custom horizontal mailbox builder – just enter your requirements and we’ll find the perfect multi-unit mailbox for you.

Please contact US Mail Supply with any further questions on choosing the right mailbox(es) for your apartment building.
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