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Versatile ™ 4C Mailbox – 14-Doors High – 12 Mailboxes (Private Use)

versatile™ 4C Mailbox – 14-Doors High – 12 Mailboxes (Private Use)

Product Number: 4C14S-12
What you need to know before you buy.
Versatile ™ 4C Mailbox – 14-Doors High – 12 Mailboxes (Private Use)

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Before You Buy:

  • Private mail delivery only, unless approved by your local Postmaster
  • Designed to be recess mounted into a wall
  • For Surface Mounting on a wall an additional Surface Mount Collar is required - See below for link to the appropriate Collar for this product!









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Standard configuration details & dimensions
Weight 76 lbs
Single high tenant doors 12
Parcel lockers 0
Outgoing compartments 1
Actual Unit Size
Height 51.25"
Width 17.50"
Depth 17.00"

14-Tenant Mailboxes - versatile™ 4C Mailbox from US Mail Supply

  • This mailbox is NOT USPS Approved! For private mail delivery only
  • Several powder-coat finishes to choose from: Antique Bronze, Black, Dark Bronze, Gold Speck, Postal Gray, Sandstone, Silver Speck, or White. Postal Gray is shown above.
  • Number of single high tenant doors (3 ¼” H): 12
  • Number of parcel lockers: 0
  • Number of outgoing compartments (6 1/2" H): 1
  • Custom configurations of this module are also available - Call us for assistance
  • Available in front-loading only (mail carrier accesses from the front)
  • This unit is for recess mount applications only (17" of wall depth required). Surface mounting requires the purchase of the surface mount collar – see product #SM14S

Get versatile™ 4C Mailboxes for Private Use from US Mail Supply

The 12 Mailbox unit in the versatile™ Series 4C Horizontal Mailbox line offers the most tenant doors in a single column for highly efficient use of storage space while maintaining optimal security. The front-loading design with interlocking doors prevents prying and ensures convenience for postal workers delivering mail to multiple residents. Its 14-door height allows for easy installment into a recess, but it can also be surface-mounted with the purchase of a surface mount collar.

This unit is for private delivery only. For a unit of the same dimensions with larger tenant doors, see Product 4C14S-06

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