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Custom Indoor Mailboxes

Configuration Examples
Key questions so we can provide your quote on Custom Horizontal Mailboxes
1. Do you want the USPS to deliver directly to the mailboxes or do you want a private individual to distribute the mail?
2. Do you a want front or rear loading mailbox? Note: this refers to the side (front or rear) of mailbox that you want the delivery person to deliver mail to. Please note that we do not carry a rear-loading horizontal mailbox that is approved for USPS delivery.
3. What type of finish do you want on your mailbox?
4. How many total tenants need to be serviced by the mailboxes you would like us to quote? Note: please remember to include extra mailboxes for office, manager, associations, etc.
5. Indicate below how many mailboxes you would like by size. Note: Your total number of "A", "B", "C" & "D" size doors should equal the total number of tenants that you entered in question 4 above.
Number of standard "A" sized doors (5"H x 6 3/8"W x 15"D)
Number of "B" sized doors (5"H x 12 7/8"W x 15"D)
Number of "C" sized doors (10 3/8"H x 12 7/8"W x 15"D)
Number of "D" sized doors (15 3/4"H x 12 7/8"W x 15"D)
6. What type of door locks do you want to use on your tenant doors?
7. What type of door identification do you want on the front of the doors to help tenants identify which mailbox is theirs?
8. How many parcel lockers do you want built into your mailbox system to accept packages? Note: USPS suggests one parcel locker per every twenty five tenants.
9. Do you want an outgoing mail receptacle built into your mailbox system?
10. What are your space restrictions where you plan to install your mailbox system? Please answer questions below - note: 17" in wall depth is required for horizontal mailboxes.
Please indicate how many walls you plan to install mailboxes on:
Enter all space width available on wall one:
Enter all space width available on wall two:
Enter all space width available on wall three:
Enter all space width available on wall four:
11. Please list here any additional comments that might assist us in configuring your horizontal mailboxes

Please provide contact information so we can provide you a quote & drawing.

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