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72” Wide Vertical Mail Sorter – 23 Pockets (3”W)

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72” Wide Vertical Mail Sorter 23 Pockets #P520

Offices around the country are making the switch from cheaply manufactured cardboard shelving to durably engineered steel 72 inch closed back mail sorters! The reason is simple: businesses and professionals who work from home are tired of losing money every year when they need to replace their paper sorting and storage organizers. We're gaining customers because our products have more quality when it comes down to the bottom line. Deeply analytical professionals see the value of metal mail sorters over cardboard and come to us time and time again because they only have to buy their sorters once - metal is a durable material that won't easily bend or break. Call US Mail Supply today to place or order or find more information!

72 Inch Mail Sorter Features

  • Vertical sorters are ideal for large envelopes, magazines, X-rays, etc.
  • Sorter has 23 pockets 3”W x 13H – width is adjustable in ½” increments
  • Choose from either 12 ¾” or 15 ¾” mail sorter depth ($20 upcharge)
  • Overall size: 72”W x 16 3/8”H
  • Choose from Putty or Gray color

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