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72” Wide Mail Sorter – 72 Pockets (11 ½”W) w/ Extended Leg Riser

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72” Wide Mail Sorter 72 Pockets #PP827

With 72 pockets, our 72 inch closed back mail sorters is a great product for large classrooms and offices around the US. Customers choose US Mail Supply because our mail sorters and office organizers come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find the perfect product for your mail room or class. Not to mention we construct our mail sorters from steel, meaning they'll last years longer than any cardboard equivalents you could find at your local retailer. Don't give in to cheaply manufactured products - you don't want to keep ordering replacements year after year!

72 Inch Mail Sorter Features

  • Extended riser elevates your sorter up to 26" for easier access to mail and paperwork.
  • Extended leg riser means less bending and easier access for greater efficiency.
  • Choose from either 12 ¾” or 15 ¾” mail sorter depth ($110 upcharge)
  • Overall size: 72”W x 67”H to 73”H (adjustable)
  • Mail sorter has 72 pockets 11 ½”W x 3 ½”H which are adjustable ½” increments

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