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72” Wide Mail Sorter – 112 Pockets (9 1/2"W) w/ Open Leg Riser

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72” Wide Mail Sorter 112 Pockets #PPY719

US Mail Supply stocks 72 inch closed back mail sorters like this 112 pocket organizer for offices needing a little extra shelving. When paperwork gets heavy and documents start pilling up, you don't want to litter your stacks around the mail room's counters. Keep your papers organized with a steel mail sorter constructed for durability! Our metal office organizers outlast their cardboard counterparts, saving you money in the long run when you don't have to buy replacements year after year. Ditch the trend of buying cheaply manufactured products and invest in a long lasting, reliable mail sorter from US Mail Supply today!

72 Inch Mail Sorter Features

  • Product varies from product shown in picture – this unit contains 112 pockets 9 ½”W x 3 ½”H and four vertical slots 2 ½”W x 13”H
  • Overall Unit Size: 72”W x 74 1/8”H to 79 1/8”H
  • Choose from either 12 ¾” or 15 ¾” mail sorter depth ($445 upcharge)
  • Unit height is adjustable

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