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4 Large Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

4 Door Cluster Mailbox with Pedestal 1570-4T5-BK

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USPS Approved 1570-4T5-SD Florence vital™ Cluster Mailbox for Apartments Sandstone
1570-4T5-DB Florence Cluster Mailbox 4 Door CBU Unit
1570-4T5PG Florence vital™ 4 Door Cluster Mail Box
1570-4T5 4 Door Cluster Mailbox Door
1570-4T5 4 Door USPS Approved Cluster Mailbox Mail Slot
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144 lb(s).
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Product Features

4 Large Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit Allows Large Volume Deliveries

4 large tenant door USPS cluster box unit

Maximum compartment space is available in this 4 tenant door cluster mailbox.  Large tenant compartments measure at a height of 6 1/2” and a width of 12 7/8”, ensuring space for large volume mail delivery.  For larger package delivery this cluster box unit includes 2 parcel compartments measuring 10” high and 13”wide. Our cluster box units are front loading and come standard with an outgoing mail compartment for tenant convenience. Our F-series cluster mailboxes are robotically welded with stainless steel and aircraft aluminum to reduce possible mail theft and vandalism. Weatherproof powder coat finish available in multiple colors is applied to protect this four door cluster mailbox from outdoor elements and scratches. Reinforced compartment corners reduce possible pry points, making this cluster mail box unit secure for outdoor use.

For cost-effective USPS F-series cluster mailboxes and other outdoor pedestal mailboxes order today.

4 Large Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit Features:

  • 4 Large Mailbox Compartments
  • 2 Standard Parcel Compartments - Height 10" & 13"
  • Mailbox Compartment size - Height 6 1/2" x Width 12 7/8"
  • Available colors are Standard Sandstone, Black, Dark Bronze, Postal Gray, Forest Green or White.
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Installing Your Cluster Box Unit

4 Large Tenant Door Cluster Box Unit With Pedestal

This commercial cluster mail box is constructed by one of the leading postal product companies in America. With heavy duty tenant blocks and overlapping seams, it is effective in preventing prying from any possible vandals or thieves. Additionally, an unrivaled 5 year warranty by Florence Manufacturing on their products begins the day of shipping. This large cluster mailbox would be perfect for a health club or corporation requiring a streamlined solution to mail delivery.

At U.S. Mail Supply, we will ship our durable cluster box mail units anywhere in the United States, so you’ll rest assured it can withstand the snow of Wyoming, the rain of Georgia and the heat of Arizona. With 6 architectural colors available, it can be the perfect accessory to any building you have, whether commercial or residential. Apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, you name it – our quality cluster mailbox units are perfect for everyone!

This 4 tenant door cluster box unit has an easy, two-person installation that can be done in less than an hour! Once setup is complete it sits elegantly on its pedestal in the traditional, modern or classic design options available.

Based in Wisconsin, U.S. Mail Supply wants to ensure our products aren’t just the right choice, but the right solution for your mail delivery needs. You will be guided through your purchase by our qualified customer service team to verify everything is exactly how you want it to be.

Cluster Box Units: A Brief History

Although a common place item now, CBUs were not always a part of how businesses, school, or homes were run. Following the late 60s, cluster box units have exploded in popularity. Our history is relatively young, which means there is only time to move forward.

  • 1700s: Benjamin Franklin founds the first mail delivery system in the United States and becomes its first Postmaster.
  • 1800-1900: Letter carriers knock on citizens’ homes to deliver their mail and do not leave. They wait until someone answers the door to hand their mail to them.
  • 1923: The United States Post Office Department mandates that every household in America is to have a single mailbox or letter slot to receive their mail.
  • 1967: The United States Post Office Department first introduced curbside cluster boxes to neighborhoods in America.
  • 2001: USPS starts to approve locking mailbox designs to help customers protect their mail. Neighborhood Delivery Collection Box Units (NDCUs) were also developed this year. They would later evolve into CBUs.
  • 2004: The first changes to “apartment style” mailboxes in 30 years are applied with new USPS regulations regarding wall-mounted, clustered mailboxes introduced this year.
  • 2005: New cluster box unit specifications are developed and become the standards for all manufacturers. It is this year that only USPS approved manufacturers are allowed to produce the “F-series” CBU.
  • Present Day: U.S. Mail Supply currently advertises stylish, quality outdoor cluster mailbox units to commercial and residential customers country wide.

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