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36” Wide Open Back Mail Sorter – 24 Pockets (11 1/2"W)

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36 Inch Open Back Mail Sorter Provides Cost-Effective Mail Organization Solutions for Homes, Businesses, and Mailing Centers

Our 36 inch wide open back mail sorter is 31 ¾” tall with 24 pockets, conveniently storing your mail items. Each pocket is 11.5” x 3.5” and adjustable by half inch increments for holding different sized mail items. All our mail sorters include an identification lip designed to hold our mail sorter identification labels on both sides for easy recognition. Choose from two pocket depth options including the standard 12 ¾” or 15 ¾” ($50 extra) for holding larger packages. Constructed with high quality steel, our open back mail sorters resist corrosion, rust, and other damage through the years. We offer gray or putty finish options, depending on your preference. You can mount your open back mail sorter over any multi-tier “shells” built on top of one another, eliminating the need for bolting. However, they are built with four pre-cut holes for those who desire an extra strong structure. Simply bolt these corner holes with small bolts and nuts for a more secure structure. This open back mail sorter can be customized with our other mail and shipping room equipment and supplies in case your company grows or changes. When you’re looking for an affordable, high quality mail organization solution, order our 36 Inch, 24 Pocket open back mail sorter.

  • Overall size – 36”W x 31 3/4”H
  • 24 Pockets – 11 ½”W x 3 ½”H, which are adjustable ½” height increments
  • Choose from sorter depth of 12 ¾” (standard), or 15 ¾” ($55 Upcharge)
  • Table shown in photo is not included (order separately) – Click here for more information on the table shown
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