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U.S. Mail Supply offers locking heavy duty metal commercial & residential mailboxes for shipping to New York at excellent rates. Shop indoor horizontal and vertical mailboxes or outdoor pedestal mailboxes with USPS approval or for private delivery only.

Our mailboxes are ideal for multi-unit residences like apartments, condos or town home subdivisions with central locations for mail delivery. Whether you’re after an interior surface or recess wall mounted horizontal mailbox in a lobby or a big outdoor pedestal cluster mailbox system, we’ve got the inventory to make it happen.

Durable steel & aluminum construction make for a high security storage solution.

Mailboxes are vulnerable to physical attacks and ongoing exposure to harsh weather. Our tough metal mailboxes are up to the task with sturdy construction and security features to keep mail, documents and personal belongings safe from any harm.

Please contact us if you need any assistance finding the right mailbox for you. 

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Shop Metal Mailboxes for Delivery in New York

Commercial Mailboxes for Sale New YorkCommercial Mailboxes

U.S. Mail Supply offers a wide variety of commercial mailboxes for sale, including indoor horizontal and vertical mailboxes and outdoor pedestal lockable cluster mail box units for apartments or other multi-unit buildings.

4C Horizontal Mailboxes New York4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Shop USPS approved 4C horizontal mailboxes or 4C pedestal mailboxes for private delivery. A great option for durable indoor mail delivery for apartment complexes, schools, offices or other business applications.

USPS Approved Mailboxes New YorkUSPS Approved Mailboxes

The U.S. Postal Service places strict restrictions on what mailboxes qualify for USPS approval. Pre-approved mailboxes offer easy installation with peace of mind knowing you’re in compliance with USPS regulations.

Apartment Mailboxes for Sale in New YorkApartment Mailboxes

Shop elegant vintage or Victorian style decorative cluster pedestal mailboxes for luxury and high end apartment complexes or modern Vital™ F Series cluster mailboxes for any multi-tenant mail system. 

Outdoor Pedestal Mailboxes New YorkOutdoor Mailboxes

Buy heavy duty durable steel & aluminum outdoor pedestal mailboxes for big cluster box systems or large single-box mailboxes for small businesses or apartment buildings.

Indoor Mailboxes New YorkIndoor Mailboxes

Indoor mailboxes for sale from U.S. Mail Supply include customizable secure horizontal and vertical mailboxes for storing internal employee documents or USPS mail packages.

Residential Mailboxes New YorkResidential Mailboxes

Shop traditional post mounted locking pedestal mailboxes for the curb or wall mounted elegant steel mail houses for secure mail storage for single or double family homes.

Mail Sorters for Sale New YorkMail Sorters

U.S. Mail Supply’s stock of mail sorters includes open and closed back options to offer versatility in all mailroom, classroom or office environments. 

Customize Horizontal Mailboxes & Cell Phone Lockers

Rather than paginate manually through every last customizable option, utilize one of our design assistants to put all of your requirements in one place and get a quote on the perfect mailbox for your situation:

We’ll help you negotiating your specific needs with spatial requirements and limitations to find the ideal solution. 

Note: cell phone lockers for sale from U.S. Mail Supply are NOT GSA approved.