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Effective Mailroom Organizational Supplies

It’s easy to lose track of an important document if it is misfiled. This can disrupt business communications which could lead to unnecessary wasted time and money for your company. The best way to avoid these types of inconveniences is an effective mailroom organizational system, which is clear, coordinated, and easy to follow. Every mail center needs a way of collecting, sorting and storing bulk and unidentified mail; making sure important documents are correctly delivered in a timely manner.

Never Lose Important Correspondence Again

US Mail Supply has a variety of organizational products for your mail room, including:

These organizational tools are available in multiple sizes and colors, which can be used for sorting, storing and transport.

Our welded plastic totes are manufactured to the same level of USPS totes. Available in several sizes and colors, our mail totes are designed to be sturdy and durable. Welded seams and steel rod reinforcements provides our totes with extra strength to handle heavy loads with ease. Similar sized totes nest together, saving space when not in use. They also feature cut out handles, making them easy to carry.

Make your Mailroom Work Smarter, Not Harder

To maximize your organization capability, totes, bins and trays are available in multiple colors for sorting at-a-glance. Black plastic bins and pocket inserts fit in most US Mail Supply sorters and carts for transportation to large departments.

Don’t forget the final step in streamlining your mail center; labeling your bins, totes and tubs. We offer both adhesive and inserted label styles.

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