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Mail Hamper Accessories(spring platforms & liners)

Durable Hamper Linings and Accessories

These elevated spring platform accessories are made exclusively for our rope-on liner mail hampers, sewn-on liner mail hampers, and wood-covered lockable mail hampers. Made in the USA with guaranteed quality, these mail room accessories really come in handy for securing your valuable office communications, packages and more. 

These elevated spring lift platforms are specially designed to prevent awkward and potentially dangerous bending and lifting while loading and unloading heavy packages from mail hamper carts. The reinforced steel frame is covered with washable vinyl-coated nylon. The strength and durability of their steel springs enable them to raise and lower heavy loads with ease. 

To determine the proper platform size for you existing mail hampers, figure out the capacity by depth. Then see how many bushels you need to support. 
Our replacement liners are exclusively for rope-on liner mail hampers, so be sure to order accordingly.

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