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Inter-Office Security Mail Stations

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Inter-Office Mail Station - Single Station - 7 Doors Product Number: WAC-P672 $686.00 Full Description
Inter-Office Mail Station – Single Module Station – 9 Doors Product Number: P619 $784.00 Full Description
Inter-Office Mail Station - Side By Side Double Station - 14 Doors Product Number: WAC-P840 $1,378.00 Full Description
Inter-Office Mail Station – Three Module Station – 21 Doors Product Number: P609 $2,065.00 Full Description
Inter-Office Mail Station - Multiple Module Station - 35 Doors Product Number: WAC-P584 $3,427.00 Full Description
Inter-Office Mail Station – Four Module Station – 36 Doors Product Number: P608 $3,146.00 Full Description

Choosing the Right Mail Station

Here at US Mail Supply, we offer wall mounted mail stations, desktop mail stations and free standing mailboxes. Each of them come with a variety of uses and can hold a lot of mail.

If you are looking for an open design with low security, browse through our free standing mailboxes.

If you are looking for more secure mail stations made with strong materials, the best choice would be desktop mail stations or the wall mounted mail stations.

A Mail Station for Every Budget

The large quantity of inter-office mail stations available here at US Mail Supply makes it easy for anyone on a budget to find the perfect mail station. The amount of doors on a mail station range from 7 door mail stations to 36 door mail stations.

Strong Construction Keeps Mail Stations Tamper Resistant

All of our inter-office mail stations are made of 20 gauge steel with welded construction for extra security. Our mail stations are meant to last, because they are constructed with scratch resistant and corrosion resistant materials.

Each individual compartment of the inter office mail station comes with two keys.

If you want to add even more security to your mail stations, order them with 3-turn dials for each door.

Contact the office mail storage specialists at US Mail Supply if you need assistance choosing the right mailbox.