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4C Wall Mounted Horizontal Mailboxes

U.S. Mail Supply has your wall-mounted 4C horizontal mailbox solution that complies with the newest U.S. Postal Service regulations. U.S. Mail Supply will assist you in configuring the most efficient and practical mailbox layout for your specific project while maintaining compliance with the most up to date postal regulations. All of our 4C mailboxes meet high postal security standards to help prevent identity theft and keep your mail safe and secure.

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4C Mailbox Use and Regulations:

As of 2006, all new construction, new mailbox applications and major renovation sites using centralized wall-mounted USPS mail delivery are required to have a 4C mailbox system. To adhere to USPS installation requirements, your 4C Mailbox should not exceed 67” from the finished floor to the top row of locks, and there must be at least 28” from the finished floor to the bottom of the lowest tenant compartment. An exception can be made and this dimension can be minimized as low as 15” only when the lower compartments are 4C Mailbox parcel lockers.Our 4C horizontal mailboxes are front-loading only (mail carrier access from the front). Check out our selection of USPS STD-4C Compliant mailboxes, and contact us to work out the best mailbox configuration for you!

Read up on the details of STD-4C specifications for USPS approved 4C horizontal mailboxes.

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