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Our 60" extra deep mailroom tables provide unmatched depth for organizing all your parcels and documents. Designed for busy mailrooms, these extra deep tables optimize space and ensure efficient operations. Durable and sleek, they are a practical addition to any professional setting. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.

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60" Extra Deep Mailroom Tables: Streamlining Mail Processing with Sturdy Design

60-inch Extra Deep Mailroom Tables for Sale Online

Within the dynamic environments of mail centers, mailrooms, warehouses, and offices, there's a palpable need for furniture that can evolve with the demands of the day while standing the test of time. Addressing this necessity, US Mail Supply introduces the 60" extra deep mailroom tables.

These tables, designed with a keen emphasis on both utility and elegance, merge the efficiency of adjustable height legs with top-notch tabletop craftsmanship. With the intention to optimize workflows and curtail the strain of continuous bending and reaching, these tables are both a practical and aesthetic asset.

Presented in a palette of oak, walnut, and grey, they naturally blend with varied decor styles. Underneath the sophisticated tabletop, a robust steel base — available in resilient putty or grey enamel finishes — resists the typical challenges of chipping. This complements the tabletops crafted from 1-1/8" thick high-pressure melamine, further strengthened with a double backing.

The table's design is refined with an anti-chip plastic edge guard and flat tabletop edges, facilitating flush alignments when positioned beside other tables. Structural integrity is championed with a 13-gauge steel support rail and 18-gauge steel side panels, both highlighting reinforced corners and versatile leg tubes. Choosing the 60" extra deep mailroom table means welcoming a fusion of style, functionality, and longevity into your workspace.

Versatile 60" Extra Deep Mailroom Tables for Diverse Work Environments

Our extra deep mailroom tables are designed to fit effortlessly into a range of business settings. They are especially advantageous for sectors like postal operations, courier services, distribution hubs, and educational facilities that manage large quantities of mail. Organizations looking for dependable, long-lasting solutions for efficient mail sorting and handling will find these tables to be an invaluable asset.

These extra deep tables for mail spaces are well-suited for a wide spectrum of commercial and institutional spaces, including but not limited to:

60" Extra Deep Mailroom Tables FAQs

How much weight can these 60" mailroom tables support?

The 60" extra deep mailroom table can hold up to 2,000 lbs. Thanks to their robust construction using steel and high-pressure melamine board, our extra deep mailroom tables are designed to handle the demands of busy mailrooms, supporting substantial weights without compromising stability.

How does the height adjustment feature work on this table?

The table top height can be adjusted from 33" to 40", allowing for one-inch increments. This flexibility is perfect for both sitting and standing positions, promoting ergonomic comfort.

What materials are used in the table's construction?

The tabletop is made from 1-1/8" thick high-pressure melamine board with double backing. The table base is made of steel and is finished in a durable Putty or Grey enamel finish. Additionally, the chrome legs are crafted from 1-1/4" square steel tubing, ensuring stability and longevity.

What specific features prevent damage and wear on the table?

To safeguard against chipping, the tabletop has a plastic edge guard. Additionally, the steel mailroom table base has an enamel finish that resists chipping. The front table support rail is made of 13-gauge steel for maximum strength, and side panels are constructed from 18-gauge steel, ensuring robustness and durability.

Are the tables modular in design? Can I place several tables together?

Yes, the flat tabletop edge design allows for multiple tables to be placed adjacently without any gaps, enabling a seamless and unified workspace.

Is assembly required for these tables?

Yes, assembly is required upon delivery. If you need assistance with assembly, you can contact us for a price quote.

What color options are available for the tabletop and base?

You can choose between three tabletop colors: Oak, Walnut, and Grey. The steel table base is available in Putty or Grey enamel finishes. Make sure to specify your desired color combination when ordering.

How do I maintain and clean the table to ensure its longevity?

For regular cleaning, a damp cloth is usually sufficient to wipe down the melamine board tabletop. It's advisable to avoid harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the finish.

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60" Extra Deep Mailroom Tables For Sale at US Mail Supply

At US Mail Supply, we offer a vast selection of extra deep mailroom tables, supplies, and furniture. From mail carts and hampers to mail bins, totes, and trays, we cater to all your mailroom supply needs. Don't hesitate to contact us, request a quote, or call today. We're excited to help you find the perfect mailbox solution!

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