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All Versatile™ Series 4C Outdoor Pedestal Hopper Collection Boxes

These lockable pedestal boxes from versatile™ really live up to their name. Available in a small or large size and 8 powdercoat finishes to blend in with virtually any architectural color scheme, these boxes are built to protect mail and parcels from both the elements and from thieves. Perfect for multi-unit buildings and business parts. These are not USPS approved, so you will need approval of your local postmaster to use this box as a mailbox. 

versatile™ Pedestal 4C Hopper Collection Box features & specs

  • Collection / Drop Box with pull down hopper for mail collection
  • Our Outdoor Pedestal Collection Box is perfect for outgoing mail (local Postmaster approval is required), or for payment or rent drop off, internal mail and more!
  • Superior strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional durability for outdoor installations
  • Standard unit comes prepared for the USPS supplied master lock. For private use applications, unit will come equipped with a commercial lock and 2 keys ($30 upcharge will apply)
  • Our versatile Series 4C Hopper style Pedestal Collection Box includes the collection box, cabinet and pedestal
  • 4C Collection / Drop Box and Pedestal cabinet are shipped together for ease of installation and security during transportation
  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction
  • 4C Pedestal stand heights ensure installed height of private Pedestal Unit matches the installation specifications required on our USPS approved wall mount 4C mailboxes
  • Two cabinet sizes to choose from – the Small with a 13 11/16” high x 12” wide x 15” deep collection compartment; or the Large with a 20 5/8” high x 12” wide x 15” deep collection compartment. See product details below for line drawings
  • Available in 8 powdercoat finishes for durability and weather resistance – Choose from Antique Bronze, Black, Dark Bronze, Gold Speck, Postal Gray, Sandstone, Silver Speck or White. Click HERE to view the color chart
  • Deposit and collect mail from front of unit. Bottom compartment is prepared for USPS modified arrow lock for retrieval of deposited mail
  • Outgoing pull down hopper door allows for safe mail deposit. Protective security 'fish comb' and patent-pending closing mechanism to protect your outgoing mail
  • Standard unit comes with “LETTERS” engraved in the front of the hopper door, and “LETTER BOX” engraved in the access door. Blank Door ID or Custom Engraved Door ID are also available at no charge.
  • Click HERE to view the Installation Instructions

Outdoor Lockable Pedestal Boxes from US Mail Supply

Us Mail Supply offers two sizes of the versatile™ Pedestal 4C Hopper Collection box. Both large and small pedestal boxes have a pull-down hopper for ease of loading and the option of either USPS access or Private Use locking ($30 upcharge). A 12"W x 7 5/8"H hopper door provides ample room for most small to mid-sized parcels. The main difference between the two sizes are the size of the collection compartment. Durable and corrosion-resistant, these pedestal boxes provide protection from the elements and from thieves.

Customize to Match Building Style and Décor

8 different powder coat finishes available to match your buildings’ color scheme:

  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Dark bronze
  • Gold speck
  • Postal gray
  • Sandstone
  • Silver speck
  • White

The standard unit has "LETTERS" engraved on the front hopper door, but you can also have custom engraving on the hopper door. Ships with a pedestal and installation instructions.

Local Postmaster Approval

The 4 series pedestal collection boxes are mainly used as a package drop box. However, customers have come up with many uses. If you are purchasing one for use as a mailbox, you must have local postmaster’s approval because 4C mailboxes are not USPS approved nationwide.

Shop all drop boxes and postal specialties for sale online from U.S. Mail Supply.
Shop all Versatile™ 4C mailboxes for sale online from U.S. Mail Supply.