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All Mail Storage, Racks & Organizers

Mail Storage, Rack and Organizers Ensure Efficiency

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place

Office efficiency starts with organization. Sort your paperwork using one of our mail storage racks and you are already on the track to success. As you explore our extensive storage options, our knowledgeable staff of specialists is available to answer any questions, helping you determine which organizational supplies are best tailored for your business.

Inter-Office Security Mail Stations

Inter-Office Security Mail Stations from US Mail Supply are made from 20-gauge steel. They are designed to be sturdy, solid and welded for reliability. Our secure mail stations also offer three different lock options:

  • Traditional Key Locks: comes with two copies of each individual door key
  • Non-Locking Thumb Turn Latches
  • 3-Turn-Dial Combination Lock: eliminating the need for keys altogether

Mail Tote Racks and Sorters

Whether you prefer to make use of a cubby system, or need to distribute a larger volume of literature to your employees and co-workers, our mail tote racks and sorters are the ideal solution. They pair perfectly with our corrugated storage totes. The totes are available in several different colors for at-a-glance identification and organization. The mail racks are available in multiple sizes for all your sorting needs.

Explore all mail room supplies and equipment for the mail organization system that works for you.