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With standard, jumbo, and heavy-duty bin and pocket insert bins available through our online mail supplies website, you are covered in any residential or commercial storage or sorting situation. These products are built specifically for use in our bin sorters and bin carts, but can also be used as standalone sorters themselves.

Shop all bin sorters and inserts online at US Mail Supply.
  • U.S. Mail Supply carries a large variety of plastic bins for many uses in mailrooms, warehouses, offices, medical centers, government and military facilities, and more
  • Our plastic bins are made to be used in our mail sorters, bin sorters and pocket insert bin sorters
  • Don’t’ forget labels for your Bins!
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Bin and Pocket Insert Bins for Sale at U.S. Mail SupplyBin and Pocket Insert Bins for Sale

Whether you’re interested in filling a bin sorter with pocket inserts for better organization and storage, or if you’re just looking for a central place to drop all of your mail at home or in the office, U.S. Mail Supply’s bin and pocket insert bins are perfect for your mail sorting needs.

Bin and pocket insert bins can be used in warehouses or hardware stores for holding any tools or objects you need, such as nails, bolts, or even screws. Besides these commercial uses, these insert bins are useful in schools as well. Crayons, pencils, pens, and art supplies can also be stored in our pocket insert bins, making clean up and organizing at home or in the classroom an effortless process.

Pocket Insert Bins for Inventory Control

Whether you’re sorting mail in an office or keeping track of what products you have available in or your store, our bin and pocket insert bins are available in different colors, supplying you with quick identification when looking for a specific department or person’s mail cubby.

Blue, Putty, Red, Green, or Yellow insert bins can help distinguish between who’s who and what’s what. Assign different bins to members of your crew or students in your classroom to help keep your educational or commercial spaces clean and organized. Mail centers, industrial assembly operations, stockrooms, and schools of any level will benefit from the presence of pocket insert bins in their workspaces.

In addition to stacking and color options, U.S. Mail Supply offers optional labels for your bins to give your bins easy and obvious associations for different objects – such as nuts, bolts, or screws. They have adhesive backings for instant applications and come in packages of 10.

If you’re searching for other mailbox alternatives, check out U.S. Mail Supply’s Lockers and Storage Solutions for larger options better suited for industrial companies or gyms.