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All Cell Phone Cabinets with Wood Trim

Cell phone cabinets are used in factories, offices, hospitals, and classrooms. With their locking capability, you will get secure storage for personal items. Each cabinet comes with wood trim to match any office aesthetic.

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Cell Phone Storage Lockers

Keeping cell phones secure is easy with our selection of mobile phone lockers. Cell phone lockers for classrooms, offices, gyms, and high-security areas help improve time spent on tasks and keep sensitive or private information secure. We have cell phone storage solutions ranging from small wall-mounted units to large freestanding units. Great for storage of all kinds of devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wallets, keys, and other small valuables. 

Cell Phone Storage for Employees

Employees who aren’t on their cell phones during the day tend to be much more productive, but trying to find a secure, yet accessible place to keep cell phones can be a hassle. Our GSA-approved cell phone lockers can accommodate both large and small offices with ease. Don’t hesitate to increase workplace productivity - order online now!

Classroom Mobile Phone Storage Lockers for Students & Teachers 

Teaching is difficult when you’re being interrupted by buzzing cell phones and trying to teach distracted students. Take back your classroom with our affordable and convenient cell phone storage lockers. Choose from metal or plastic cell phone lockers to find the best unit for your classroom. 

Short on space? Browse our selection of mini cell phone storage lockers. 

Secure Cell Phone Storage for Gym Patrons

Having a safe place to store personal belongings is essential for gym patrons. Give your customers peace of mind with our secure cell phone lockers. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations, cell phone lockers are commonly purchased in 12-unit modules so patrons at the busiest gyms can work out knowing their valuables are safely stored. 

Cell Phone Cabinets with Wood Trim from US Mail SupplyCell Phone Cabinet with Wood Trim

  • Gray metal inner cell phone cabinets with your choice of 5 outer wood trim options
  • Attractive locking cabinets are perfect for cell phones, iPhones, wallets, keys, PDA's, digital cameras, pagers, and other small items
  • Perfect for offices, mail centers, schools & medical and government facilities
  • Order multiple units and create an inline system
  • Inner cabinets with locking doors are gray in color and steel strong
  • Wood trim is available in 5 different color choices – Gray, Black, Oak, Walnut or Maple – Click here for the color chart
  • Wall mount or use as a stand alone unit on a desktop – Please note that larger cabinets may optionally be fastened to the wall through the back of the unit at the customer's discretion for added stability and to prevent tipping
  • Each locking cabinet door comes with 2 keys – Each compartment is keyed differently
  • Each compartment is 2 5/8” high x 5 ½” wide x 8 ¼” deep

Lockable Cell Phone Storage Cabinet Options

U.S. Mail Supply carries cell phone storage cabinets in 10-door, 20-door, 40-door and 60-door configurations. Each cell phone locker compartment measures 2 5/8” high x 5 ½” wide x 8 ¼” deep and comes with 2 keys. Locker doors and compartment interiors are made of durable, gray metal and are keyed separately for added security. 

Cell Phone Lockers Provide Secure Storage in Commercial Buildings

We offer cell phone storage cabinets in a variety of configurations and 5 wood trim colors to match the style and decor of your business or institution. These lockable cell phone cabinets provide secure storage for personal items in buildings, including:

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Health Clubs
  • Classrooms and schools

Need more than 60 cell phone lockers? Contact us for special pricing.

Surface Mounted, Recess Mounted & Freestanding Mobile Phone Lockers

Choosing the right kind of cell phone locker for your school or business may seem difficult, but we have you covered with our comprehensive selection:

  • Surface mounted: Lockers are mounted on the wall. Easy to mount, but won’t be flush with the surface.
  • Recess mounted: Lockers are installed so they are flush with the wall. Good for units that need to be set back more because of space concerns.
  • Freestanding: If you want a unit to be approachable from all sides, or want it in a spot where there are no walls, freestanding lockers may be the right selection for you. Easier to install and better for open spaces.

If you have questions about the types, sizes or configurations of lockers we have available, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Cell Phone Locker Security Options: Keyless, Combination Locks, & Digital Locks

The most important feature of a cell phone storage locker is security. We have several security options available, including:

  • Combination locks for buyers seeking a traditional yet effective security method
  • Digital locks for a high tech yet dependable security measure
  • Keyless lockers for users who want to create their own code
  • Built-in key locks for buyers who want an organized and straightforward method for securing cell phones
  • Electronic locks for high security and easily monitored security application
Contact U.S. Mail Supply for more information on cell phone storage cabinets.