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U.S. Mail Supply offers various hampers for your company's mail solutions. Economy mail hampers have a permanent vinyl liner, making them withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Pick between red, green, yellow or grey to get the economy mail hamper that best fits your mailroom. Shop this durable laminated vinyl mail hamper online. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.


Economy Mail Hampers

US Mail Supply's economy mail hampers provide USPS mailrooms and offices with an affordable solution for transporting packages and mail. These economy hampers allow postal employees to move hundreds of bulk packages and mail in a single trip. The durable vinyl liner riveted to the powder-coated steel frame makes this mobile hamper ideal for heavy daily use. 

Designed for high-volume mailrooms, US Mail Supply's economy hampers optimize workflow and organization. The heavy-duty casters allow postal employees to smoothly maneuver the hampers loaded with mail and packages. With reinforced hems and rust-resistant construction, this postal hamper provides years of service for package handling and mail transport. 

Economy Mail Hampers for High-Volume Mailrooms

Your busy mailroom needs highly capable mail hampers. Our economy mail hampers are the perfect solution for moving large volumes of mail efficiently. 

Our economy hampers are well-suited for a wide spectrum of commercial and industrial spaces, including but not limited to: 

Economy Mail Hamper FAQs

How much weight can the economy mail hampers hold? 

Our economy mail hampers are designed to handle moving hundreds of bulk packages in a single trip. They can be offered in 8, 12, 16 or 18 bushel sizes, with an 8 bushel hamper holding the capacity to move roughly 320 pounds. 

What are the dimensions of the economy mail hamper? 

The assembled dimensions are 32" long x 21" wide x 33 1/2" high. The vinyl liner has a depth of 30". 

Is any assembly required with the economy mail hamper? 

Yes, the mail hamper is shipped knocked down to save shipping charges. Some assembly is required, all instructions are included for quick and easy assembly. 

Choose Your Preferred Mail Hamper Style: 

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Economy Mail Hampers For Sale at US Mail Supply

US Mail Supply keeps a vast stock of mailroom essentials including mail carts, bins, trays, sorters and other necessary supplies to fully equip your mailroom. Don't hesitate to contact us, request a quote or call today. We're excited to help you find the perfect mailroom situation. 

Contact U.S. Mail Supply today at 262.782.6510 or 800.571.0147 or request a quote for more information.

Make sure to choose the RIGHT mailbox.

Don't worry, we can help you figure out what's best and most cost efficient for your space. A representative at U.S. Mail Supply will help you figure out what is required for USPS or private delivery, the number of units you need and any information required for installation.