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All 48-inch Wide Mail Sorters (OPEN BACK)

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The 48-inch wide open back mail sorters from U.S. Mail Supply can help restore the organization your workplace needs. From offices to warehouses, these mail sorters are the right purchase. Shop these mail sorters online today.

48-inch Wide Open Back Mail Sorters

US Mail Supply's 48-inch open-back mail sorter is a versatile and efficient solution designed for streamlining mail center operations. This open-back mail sorter excels at doubling mail center efficiency, allowing two individuals to sort mail simultaneously. The design also allows mailroom personnel to continue sorting while mail is picked up from the other side. 

Constructed with an all-steel welded construction, the open-back mail sorters offer durability and strength for long-term use. Each shelf is adjustable by 1/2" increments, providing flexibility in sorting various types of mail, whether you need a mixed mail sorter, letter organizer or document sorter. The 3/8" lip on each end of the shelves makes pocket identification easy, and optional shelf labels are available for precise organization. Whether you need an open-back mail sorter for your central mailroom or and adjustable mail organizer, these 48-inch wide mail organizers provide the flexibility and efficiency required for your mail sorting needs. 

Types of 48" Open Back Mail Sorters

  • 48" Wide Open Back Mail Sorter - 16 Pockets
  • 48" Wide Open Back Mail Sorter - 32 Pockets

48" Wide Open Back Mail Sorters for Classroom and Office Organization

Let classroom and office organization issues become a relic of the past. Our selection of 48" open-back mail sorters is ideal for any work environment but especially advantageous for classroom and office organization applications. 

These mail sorters are well-suited for a wide spectrum of commercial and industrial spaces, including but not limited to: 

48" Wide Open Back Mail Sorter FAQs

What are the pocket dimensions in the 48" open-back mail sorter? 

Each pocket measures 11-1/2" in width, 12-1/4" in depth and 3-1/2" in height, adjustable in 1/2" increments, accommodating various mail and document sizes. 

Is it possible to add extra shelves to the 48" open-back mail sorter for more pockets? 

Yes, you can extend the pocket capacity by adding extra shelves to enhance its adaptability to your sorting needs. 

Can the 48" Open Back Mail Sorter be hung on a wall for space-saving purposes? 

These mail sorters are not manufactured to be hung on a wall. They must be fully supported underneath by resting on a tabletop, shelf or placed on the floor for stability. 

How do the open-back mail sorters affect mail delivery efficiency? 

The open-back design significantly enhances mail delivery efficiency by allowing simultaneous sorting from both sides of the sorter. This also means one person can sort while another can pickup mail on the opposite side without causing disruptions, expediting the entire mail delivery process. 

Choose Your Preferred Open Back Mail Sorter Width: 

Looking for additional sizes? We offer a variety of different open-back mail sorter sizes to fit every workspace. 

Find other Types of Mail Sorters: 

48" Wide Open Back Mail Sorters For Sale at US Mail Supply

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