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Discover and buy top-tier mailroom equipment and office supplies at U.S. Mail. From essential totes and bins to efficient sorters, carts, and tables, our extensive collection has everything you need. Shop now to organize your mailroom and optimize your building's operations. With our online selection, upgrade your mailroom equipment and watch your productivity soar.



Best Mailroom Supplies - Totes, Bins, Sorters, Sorter Shelves, Carts, Mailboxes & more from U.S. Mail Supply

U.S. Mail Supply provides you with professional mailroom supplies and equipment for organization, convenience, and efficiency. We have a wide selection of common mailroom office supplies, and even some less common supplies, too.

Mail Sorters Features:

  • Mail sorters are formed and welded all-steel construction
  • Each mail sorter shelf is adjustable by ½” increments
  • Most sorters are available in a choice of either 12 ¾” or 15 ¾” (legal size) depth
  • Available in grey or putty finish

Mailroom Organization Supplies

There are many benefits of a well-organized mailroom. It is essential to keeping an office or building running smoothly. US Mail Supply has ample solutions for mailroom organization, efficiency, and convenience. We have mail carts for easy transportation through your building, sacks and bins, sorters, storage racks, and mail pouches--all at cost-effective prices. We’re here to help make your mailroom office organized.

U.S. Mail Supply has everything you need to increase your mailroom's efficiency and reduce the risk of lost mail. If you don’t see the specific mailroom equipment or supplies you are looking for, give us a call at 800-571-0147, and we'll work with you to find the best mailroom equipment solution for your situation.

Mobile Mail Carts, Mail Hampers, and Efficient Mail Distribution Solutions

Mobile Mail Carts, Hampers and Utility CartsExperience the best in mail handling with our range of mobile mail carts and hampers. Crafted with industrial strength, our steel mail distribution carts cater to various needs—whether you're navigating narrow aisles or managing deliveries for over 300 stops. Customize your mail cart to enhance your mail handling process further: choose from various baskets, and wheel types, add lockable covers, rubber bumpers, and more. Whether for heavy-duty mail distribution or quick deliveries, our carts are tailored to ensure mailroom efficiency.

Shop U.S. Mail Supply online for cost-effective mail distribution supplies:

Mail Sorters

USPS Mail Sorters

Dependable mail sorters are designed for optimal mail organization and easy retrieval. Our high-quality steel mail sorters, a hallmark of efficient sorting solutions, come in various styles and sizes, all equipped with adjustable horizontal or vertical shelves to fit your specific needs. With varied pocket depths and a plethora of accessories, including removable shelf labels, magnetic labels, label inserts, and additional shelves, we cater to both personal and business mail organization demands. Dive into our extensive collection of mail sorters, all configured to elevate your sorting solutions and streamline your mailroom operations.

Our wide range of mail sorters in different configurations is sure to meet all your personal and business mail organization needs.

Mailroom Accessories: Mail Totes, Trays, and Bins for Efficient Mail Handling

Our collection of plastic mail totes, trays, and bins, quintessential mailroom accessories, are designed for the ultimate convenience in mail collection, sorting, and storage. Engineered to fit seamlessly into our mail carts, these tubs guarantee easy transportation, facilitating efficient mail handling throughout your facility. From heavy-duty mail bins equipped with regular-sized pockets to larger variants perfect for bulk mail storage, our range has it all. Browse U.S. Mail Supply’s online inventory for a diverse selection of totes, bins, and trays, all available in an array of colors and sizes, priced competitively.

Postal Equipment: Mail Bags, Racks, and Efficient Mail Pouch Solutions

Mail Bags, Mail Bag Racks and Mail PouchesU.S. Mail Supply is your one-stop destination for an extensive range of postal equipment, including:

Our canvas and vinyl bags are designed to hang effortlessly on our specialized mailbag racks, ensuring streamlined storage and transportation. With features like optional padlocks, our heavy-duty document bags securely transport vital documents and medical X-rays. For a comprehensive range of efficient mail pouch solutions and more, explore our online collection of mail bags and related equipment.

Mailroom Equipment: Functional Tables and Furniture for Mail Handling

Elevate your mail-handling operations with our range of sturdy mailroom tables. From compact 30” tables tailored for smaller mailrooms to expansive 96” designs catering to larger spaces, our tables offer unparalleled versatility. Enjoy the freedom to work in comfort with adjustable height settings for both seated and standing positions. Designed with functionality in mind, select tables are furnished with integrated shelves to accommodate mail bins and essential supplies. Supporting the heaviest of sorting machinery, these premium tables boast built-in levelers for stability, complemented by a durable powder-coated finish that resists chipping and corrosion. Browse U.S. Mail Supply’s selection of top-tier mailroom equipment to discover the ideal table solution for your facility.

Mailroom Management Tools: Mail Storage, Racks, and Organizational Solutions

U.S. Mail Supply brings to you a diverse array of mailroom management tools tailored for optimal mail organization. Choose from secure inter-office mail stations, adaptable for diverse settings like offices, universities, or hospitals, to versatile mail bins and tote shelves. Our steel mail tote racks, an epitome of efficient mail handling, ensure effortless storage of plastic mail totes, augmented with a 1.5” shelf lip for added stability. For those dealing with a substantial volume of mail, our bin sorters stand out as the go-to solution for sorting bulk or overflow mailings. Prioritizing both functionality and cost-effectiveness, some of our mail storage and organizers require minimal assembly.


Discover Comprehensive Mailroom Management Tools

With US Mail Supply at your service, efficient mail handling and mailroom solutions are within your reach. Whether you're establishing a new facility or modernizing your existing business operations, our extensive range of mailroom supplies stands as a testament to enhancing organization, boosting productivity, and refining aesthetics. Catering to both burgeoning startups and established corporations, we champion the cause of streamlined, clutter-free mailrooms. Ensure precise placements for invoices, internal documents, newsletters, and more with our top-notch mailroom equipment. From traditional vinyl mailbags to state-of-the-art electronic mail trucks, we’ve curated a selection that addresses all your mailroom challenges.

Shop our diverse collection featuring mail hampers, sorters, tables, postal totes, bags, racks, carts, and more. For personalized guidance on choosing the ideal mailroom management tool tailored to your needs, we’re just a call away.

Contact U.S. Mail Supply at 262.782.6510 or 800.571.0147 for more information.
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