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Mail Sorters for Organization and Efficiency

Clean Workspaces Increase Employee Productivity

Being disorganized wastes time and money. The relationship between organization and work suggests that a lack of office infrastructure geared toward efficiency costs your business significant amounts of lost time and money each year. One survey suggests that an employee can potentially waste up to two weeks a year on the clock looking for things that are misplaced. Other surveys suggest even higher numbers. 
The old adage, “a place for everything and everything in its place” is essential for home and even more important at work. Start small, even a mail sorting station with tables can make a large difference in organization and efficiency! 

Recycle! The mail consists of many important documents, but it also may contain some rather unimportant ones as well. Quickly and efficiently sort through promotional materials and junk mail before they have the chance to become clutter with a designated recycling bin. Do your part to be eco-friendly - responsibly preserving our planet’s precious resources. 

Vertical stacking mail sorters can maximize surface area and give you more space at your desk. Make sure you have adequate work space to complete tasks - preserve your limited table-top real estate by using mail and file sorters, which are easily stackable. These sorters can be customized to fit items large or small. Organizational tip: if you use it often, keep it close for easy access.
Label everything! Labels are the turning point for maintaining an organization system. Find a place for everything, label it, and stick to it, (pun intended).

Create spaces for different tasks and duties of your job. For example, if you have a specific notebook and folder designated to meetings, or a specific binder for a portfolio or presentation, have a plastic bin or shelf to keep these items separate. Be sure to return them after meetings and you will always be prepared! Along the same line, keep a physical ‘Pending’ folder and one in your email inbox as well. As you complete a project, file it accordingly. Good practices increase productivity. Keep a notebook close by for jotting down contents of important phone calls and discussions with co-workers as they arise. Tidy your area every day before you leave. Disorganization can cause stress and you could lose important tasks in the clutter. 

Find the perfect mail sorters and organizers for your business, office and desk at US Mail Supply.
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